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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 15 Bytes
Makefile.in 2.7 kB
cattable.h DO NOT EDIT THIS DOCUMENT !!! THIS DOCUMENT IS GENERATED BY mozilla/intl/unicharutil/tools/genca 58.8 kB
mozEnglishWordUtils.cpp mozISpellI18NUtil 9.7 kB
mozEnglishWordUtils.h public mozISpellI18NUtil 2.6 kB
mozGenericWordUtils.cpp mozISpellI18NUtil 3.3 kB
mozGenericWordUtils.h public mozISpellI18NUtil 2.1 kB
mozInlineSpellChecker.cpp 40.0 kB
mozInlineSpellChecker.h public nsIInlineSpellChecker 7.3 kB
mozPersonalDictionary.cpp 9.6 kB
mozPersonalDictionary.h 3.9 kB
mozSpellChecker.cpp nsISpellChecker 12.9 kB
mozSpellChecker.h public nsISpellChecker 3.5 kB
mozSpellCheckerFactory.cpp 3.8 kB
mozSpellI18NManager.cpp mozISpellI18NManager 2.6 kB
mozSpellI18NManager.h public mozISpellI18NManager 2.4 kB
nsSpellCheckController.cpp 18.9 kB
nsSpellCheckController.h public nsISpellCheckController 4.1 kB
nsSpellCheckModule.cpp 2.2 kB
nsSpellCheckUtils.cpp 8.5 kB
nsSpellCheckUtils.h 4.2 kB
spellcheck.pkg enUS 227 Bytes