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                       ChatZilla: Did You Know?

The basics...

+ The networks listed in the *client* view on startup are clickable links.
  Instead of typing /attach <network-name>, you can just click on one of the

+ The view tabs are color coded, green means that something has happened in that
  view since you last looked at it.  Red means that someone has said something
  to you.

+ ChatZilla will automatically highlight phrases that contain your nickname.

+ You can add to the list of words that cause messages to be highlighted with
  the /stalk command.  You can remove words from the list with the /unstalk

+ You can quickly switch to another view using the function keys.  F1 will
  switch to the first view, F2 to the second, etc.

+ You can turn off the userlist, statusbar, and/or view tabs using the
  File->Options menu.

+ You can see a list of commands by typing /commands.

+ You can get help on any command by typing /help <command-name>.

+ You can delete any view with the /delete command.  Once deleted, the text from
  that view will be lost.  Deleteing a channel view is not the same as leaving
  the channel.  You will still be a member of the channel if you only /delete it.
  It will reappear (without the previous contents) the next time activity occurs.

+ You can remove a channel or query view from the tab list without dropping its
  contents.  The /hide command will remove the view's tab, but keep the contents.
  The next time something happens on that view, it will re-appear with the
  previous text still intact.

+ You can recover deleted or hidden views.  To recover a deleted *client* view,
  use /client.  To recover a network view use the /attach command, to recover
  channel view use /join, and to recover a query view use /query.

The cool commands...

+ /networks will display the list of networks as a list of clickable links.

+ /status will show your connection status.  If you use /status from a channel,
  you'll get information about the network and server you are connected to,
  including connection duration, and last ping and lag (if available.)  You will
  also get status on the channel you are viewing, including number of operators,
  number voiced, and topic.

  Using /status from a network view will give you information on every channel
  you are connected to.

  Using /status from the *client* view will give you information on every network
  you are connected to, as well as every channel on that network.

+ /disconnect can be used to disconnect from a network without quitting
  ChatZilla.  This can be useful if you are attached to more than one network
  but want to leave only one of them.

The more advanced stuff...

+ The input area can be switched to multiline mode by pressing [CTRL]+[UP].
  Press [CTRL]+[ENTER] to sent the text to the server.  In multiline mode, 
  the text you type not scanned for commands, so stray / characters will not
  affect your post.  To return to single line mode, press [CRTL]+[DOWN].

+ The place where messages appear can be styled to your own taste, if you
  know a little css <http://www.htmlhelp.org/reference/css/>.  See the comment
  at the top of <http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/extensions/irc/xul/skin/output-default.css>
  for details.

+ You can manually bookmark an irc channel by creating a new irc:// bookmark.
  From the "Manage bookmarks" window, create a new bookmark and enter
  "irc://moznet/chatzilla", to bookmark the #chatzilla channel, for example.
  You can also use a server name, as in "irc://irc.mcs.com/javascript".

+ irc:// urls work from normal web pages as well.  You can link to your
  irc channel from you home page.  See
  <http://www.w3.org/Addressing/draft-mirashi-url-irc-01.txt> for a description
  of irc:// urls.

+ Turning off File->Options->Enable Smileys actually turns off all of the text
  matching rules, including link detection, and bold/underline/italic.  It will
  also disable the part of ChatZilla that makes it possible to break long words
  (ie, you'll end up with a horizontal scrollbar eventually.)  This
  option was added back when a few bugs in the JavaScript engine caused the
  text matching rules to do Bad Things.  You probably don't really want to turn
  this off.