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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
FileSystemModule.cpp 7.1 kB
FileSystemModule.h 652 Bytes
IStorageBindingParamsInternal.h public nsISupports 1.9 kB
SQLCollations.cpp Helper function for the UTF-8 locale collations. * * @param aService * The Service that 7.7 kB
SQLCollations.h Registers the collating sequences declared here with the specified * database and Service. * * @p 9.5 kB
SQLiteMutex.h private BlockingResourceBase 3.9 kB
StatementCache.h Class used to cache statements (mozIStorageStatement or * mozIStorageAsyncStatement). 3.9 kB
StorageBaseStatementInternal.cpp Used to finalize an asynchronous statement on the background thread. 7.5 kB
StorageBaseStatementInternal.h public nsISupports 13.8 kB
TelemetryVFS.cpp By default use the unix-excl VFS, for the following reasons: * 1. It improves compatibility with NF 23.1 kB
VacuumManager.cpp 11.5 kB
VacuumManager.h 1.1 kB
Variant.cpp Return the data type of the given variant. This method used to be exposed * to XPCOM, but since bu 1.8 kB
Variant.h This class is used by the storage module whenever an nsIVariant needs to be * returned. We provide 13.4 kB
Variant_inl.h Note: This file is included by Variant.h. 3.7 kB
moz.build 3.0 kB
mozIStorageAggregateFunction.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB
mozIStorageAsyncConnection.idl nsISupports 13.6 kB
mozIStorageAsyncStatement.idl mozIStorageBaseStatement 1.6 kB
mozIStorageBaseStatement.idl mozIStorageBindingParams 4.6 kB
mozIStorageBindingParams.idl nsISupports 4.7 kB
mozIStorageBindingParamsArray.idl nsISupports 1.1 kB
mozIStorageCompletionCallback.idl nsISupports 932 Bytes
mozIStorageConnection.idl mozIStorageAsyncConnection 8.7 kB
mozIStorageError.idl nsISupports 2.6 kB
mozIStorageFunction.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB
mozIStoragePendingStatement.idl nsISupports 744 Bytes
mozIStorageProgressHandler.idl nsISupports 913 Bytes
mozIStorageResultSet.idl nsISupports 729 Bytes
mozIStorageRow.idl mozIStorageValueArray 1.2 kB
mozIStorageService.idl nsISupports 8.1 kB
mozIStorageStatement.idl mozIStorageBaseStatement 10.2 kB
mozIStorageStatementCallback.idl nsISupports 1.8 kB
mozIStorageVacuumParticipant.idl nsISupports 2.3 kB
mozIStorageValueArray.idl nsISupports 5.3 kB
mozStorageArgValueArray.cpp 5.0 kB
mozStorageArgValueArray.h 870 Bytes
mozStorageAsyncStatement.cpp 11.2 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatement.h 2.9 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementExecution.cpp The following constants help batch rows into result sets. * MAX_MILLISECONDS_BETWEEN_RESULTS was ch 19.2 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementExecution.h 8.0 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementJSHelper.cpp 4.6 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementJSHelper.h A modified version of StatementJSHelper that only exposes the async-specific * 'params' helper. We 1.6 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementParams.cpp 3.8 kB
mozStorageAsyncStatementParams.h 2.3 kB
mozStorageBindingParams.cpp 14.4 kB
mozStorageBindingParams.h 3.8 kB
mozStorageBindingParamsArray.cpp 2.3 kB
mozStorageBindingParamsArray.h 2.7 kB
mozStorageConnection.cpp 74.8 kB
mozStorageConnection.h 17.0 kB
mozStorageError.cpp Note: This object is only ever accessed on one thread at a time. It it not * threadsafe, b 1.1 kB
mozStorageError.h 809 Bytes
mozStorageHelper.h This class wraps a transaction inside a given C++ scope, guaranteeing that * the transaction will b 7.1 kB
mozStoragePrivateHelpers.cpp 7.5 kB
mozStoragePrivateHelpers.h This file contains convenience methods for mozStorage. 4.4 kB
mozStorageResultSet.cpp Note: This object is only ever accessed on one thread at a time. It it not * threadsafe, b 1.4 kB
mozStorageResultSet.h 1.2 kB
mozStorageRow.cpp 6.0 kB
mozStorageRow.h 1.4 kB
mozStorageSQLFunctions.cpp Performs the LIKE comparison of a string against a pattern. For more detail * see http://www.sqlit 12.7 kB
mozStorageSQLFunctions.h Registers the functions declared here with the specified database. * * @param aDB * The da 2.9 kB
mozStorageService.cpp 25.2 kB
mozStorageService.h 5.3 kB
mozStorageStatement.cpp 24.6 kB
mozStorageStatement.h 3.4 kB
mozStorageStatementData.h 4.2 kB
mozStorageStatementJSHelper.cpp 7.8 kB
mozStorageStatementJSHelper.h Wrappers used to clean up the references JS helpers hold to the statement. * For cycle-avoidance re 1.7 kB
mozStorageStatementParams.cpp 4.0 kB
mozStorageStatementParams.h 2.0 kB
mozStorageStatementRow.cpp 4.4 kB
mozStorageStatementRow.h 1.5 kB
storage.h 840 Bytes
style.txt 4.3 kB
variantToSQLiteT_impl.h 4.3 kB