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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
async.js Helpers for various async operations. 6.4 kB
blocklist-clients.js 8.4 kB
hawkclient.js HAWK is an HTTP authentication scheme using a message authentication code * (MAC) algorithm to prov 11.4 kB
hawkrequest.js Single-use HAWK-authenticated HTTP requests to RESTish resources. * * @param uri * (String 5.9 kB
kinto-http-client.js This file is generated from kinto-http.js - do not modify directly. 105.2 kB
kinto-offline-client.js This file is generated from kinto.js - do not modify directly. 92.2 kB
kinto-storage-adapter.js Filter and sort list against provided filters and order. * * @param {Object} filters The filters 16.1 kB
logmanager.js Append to an nsIStorageStream * * This writes logging output to an in-memory stream which can late 15.6 kB
moz.build 1.1 kB
observers.js A service for adding, removing and notifying observers of notifications. * Wraps the nsIObserverSer 5.2 kB
rest.js 19.4 kB
services-common.js global pref 493 Bytes
servicesComponents.manifest 93 Bytes
tokenserverclient.js Represents a TokenServerClient error that occurred on the client. * * This is the base type for al 15.2 kB
uptake-telemetry.js A wrapper around certain low-level operations that can be substituted for testing. 6.9 kB
utils.js 18.8 kB