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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
config.mk 397 Bytes
exports.gyp 651 Bytes
manifest.mn 551 Bytes
p12.h In NSS 3.12 or later, 'arg' actually points to a CERTCertificate, * the 'leafCert' variable in sec_ 9.5 kB
p12creat.c allocate space for a PFX structure and set up initial * arena pool. pfx structure is cleared and a 6.3 kB
p12d.c This belongs in secport.h 113.8 kB
p12dec.c PFX extraction and validation routines 19.8 kB
p12e.c This PKCS12 file encoder uses numerous nested ASN.1 and PKCS7 encoder ** contexts. It can be diffic 66.8 kB
p12exp.c release the memory taken up by the list of nicknames 43.6 kB
p12local.c helper functions 45.3 kB
p12local.h helper functions 3.4 kB
p12plcy.c determine if algid is an algorithm which is allowed 3.3 kB
p12plcy.h for the algid specified, can we decrypt it ? 755 Bytes
p12t.h structure declarations 4.5 kB
p12tmpl.c 9.4 kB
pkcs12.gyp 636 Bytes
pkcs12.h Decode functions 1.4 kB
pkcs12t.h PKCS12 Structures 11.2 kB