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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.6 kB
README This Cryptoki module provides acces to certs and keys stored in 339 Bytes
anchor.c capi/canchor.c * * This file "anchors" the actual cryptoki entry points in this module's * shared 555 Bytes
cfind.c ckcapi/cfind.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDFindObjects object for the * "capi" cryptoki m 18.1 kB
cinst.c ckcapi/cinstance.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDInstance object for the * "capi" cryptoki 2.4 kB
ckcapi.h I'm including this for access to the arena functions. * Looks like we should publish that API. 5.8 kB
ckcapiver.c Library identity and versioning 519 Bytes
cobject.c ckcapi/cobject.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDObject object for the * "nss to capi objects 61.9 kB
config.mk 784 Bytes
constants.c all collected here in one place 1.8 kB
crsa.c ckcapi/crsa.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDMechnaism and NSSCKMDCryptoOperation objects * 20.7 kB
csession.c ckcapi/csession.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDSession object for the * "nss to capi" cryp 2.2 kB
cslot.c ckcapi/cslot.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDSlot object for the * "nss to capi" cryptoki m 2.1 kB
ctoken.c ckcapi/ctoken.c * * This file implements the NSSCKMDToken object for the * "nss to capi" cryptoki 5.1 kB
manifest.mn 584 Bytes
nsscapi.def 1.1 kB
nsscapi.h NSS CKCAPI Version numbers. * * These are the version numbers for the capi module packaged with * 1.5 kB
nsscapi.rc 1.8 kB
staticobj.c example of a static object 1.5 kB