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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
builtins This README file explains how to add a builtin root CA certificate to NSS
capi This Cryptoki module provides acces to certs and keys stored in
Makefile 1.0 kB
ck.api 22.2 kB
ck.h ck.h * * This header file consolidates all header files needed by the source * files implementing 1.5 kB
ckapi.perl 8.8 kB
ckfw.gyp 732 Bytes
ckfw.h ckfw.h * * This file prototypes the private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 39.3 kB
ckfwm.h ckfwm.h * * This file prototypes the module-private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 1.7 kB
ckfwtm.h ckfwtm.h * * This file declares the module-private types of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 591 Bytes
ckmd.h ckmd.h * 626 Bytes
ckt.h get back to just one set of PKCS #11 headers. Use the onese that * are easiest to maintain from the 403 Bytes
config.mk 489 Bytes
crypto.c crypto.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWCryptoOperation type and methods. 8.1 kB
exports.gyp 1.0 kB
find.c find.c * * This file implements the nssCKFWFindObjects type and methods. 11.2 kB
hash.c hash.c * * This is merely a couple wrappers around NSPR's PLHashTable, using * the identity hash 5.4 kB
instance.c instance.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWInstance type and methods. 30.4 kB
manifest.mn 848 Bytes
mechanism.c mechanism.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWMechanism type and methods. 29.8 kB
mutex.c mutex.c * * This file implements a mutual-exclusion locking facility for Modules * using the NSS 4.6 kB
nssck.api the 42.2 kB
nssckepv.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 320 Bytes
nssckft.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 327 Bytes
nssckfw.h nssckfw.h * * This file prototypes the publicly available calls of the * NSS Cryptoki Framework. 7.2 kB
nssckfwc.h nssckfwc.h * * This file prototypes all of the NSS Cryptoki Framework "wrapper" * which implement 17.1 kB
nssckfwt.h nssckfwt.h * * This file declares the public types used by the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 2.0 kB
nssckg.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 314 Bytes
nssckmdt.h nssckmdt.h * * This file specifies the basic types that must be implemented by * any Module using 64.7 kB
nssckt.h 366 Bytes
object.c object.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWObject type and methods. 23.2 kB
session.c session.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWSession type and methods. 62.4 kB
sessobj.c sessobj.c * * This file contains an NSSCKMDObject implementation for session * objects. The fram 23.7 kB
slot.c slot.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWSlot type and methods. 15.3 kB
token.c token.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWToken type and methods. 42.7 kB
wrap.c wrap.c * * This file contains the routines that actually implement the cryptoki * API, using the 140.2 kB