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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
android_version_code.py 7.9 kB
artifact_builds.py 924 Bytes
artifact_cache.py Fetch and cache artifacts from URLs. This module manages fetching artifacts from URLS and purging o 8.9 kB
artifact_commands.py 20.0 kB
artifacts.py using a simple 53.7 kB
base.py Emit the parent directories of a path. 40.1 kB
build_commands.py Interface to build the tree. 9.6 kB
chunkify.py Split an integer into evenly distributed list >>> split_evenly(7, 3) [3, 2, 2] >>> spl 1.7 kB
config_status.py ============= ADVERTISEMENT You are building Firefox for Android. After your build completes, you c 6.6 kB
doctor.py Disable the last access time feature? This improves the speed of file and directory access by deferr 11.0 kB
dotproperties.py A thin representation of a key=value .properties file. 2.7 kB
export_telemetry_schema.py This script converts the build system telemetry schema from voluptuous format to json-schema. You sh 1.5 kB
faster_daemon.py Use pywatchman to watch source directories and perform partial |mach build faster| builds. 10.8 kB
gen_test_backend.py 2.0 kB
generated_sources.py Generate the SHA-512 digest of `data` and return it as a hex string. 2.6 kB
gn_processor.py # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public # License, v. 2.0. If a copy o 23.4 kB
html_build_viewer.py 3.7 kB
jar.py jarmaker.py provides a python class to package up chrome content by processing jar.mn files. See th 23.7 kB
mach_commands.py 73.0 kB
makeutil.py Provides an interface for writing simple makefiles Instances of this class are created, populat 6.5 kB
moz_yaml.py 10.0 kB
mozconfig.py Raised when a mozconfig location is not defined properly. 18.3 kB
mozconfig_loader 1.0 kB
mozinfo.py Build a dict containing data about the build configuration from the environment. 5.4 kB
nodeutil.py Determines the possible paths for node executables. Returns a list of paths, which includes the 4.5 kB
preprocessor.py This is a very primitive line based preprocessor, for times when using a C preprocessor isn't an opt 29.4 kB
pythonutil.py Determine the version of a Python executable by invoking it. May raise ``subprocess.CalledProce 3.6 kB
schedules.py Constants for SCHEDULES configuration in moz.build files and for skip-unless-schedules optimizations 2.2 kB
shellutil.py Parses a given command line string and creates a list of command and arguments, with wildcard ex 7.3 kB
sphinx.py 4.6 kB
telemetry.py This file contains a voluptuous schema definition for build system telemetry, and functions to fill 12.4 kB
testing.py 14.5 kB
util.py Wrapper around the exec statement to avoid bogus errors like: SyntaxError: unqualified exec is 51.5 kB
vendor_aom.py Construct a url for a tarball snapshot of the given revision. 8.7 kB
vendor_dav1d.py Construct a url for a tarball snapshot of the given revision. 7.2 kB
vendor_manifest.py 592 Bytes
vendor_python.py 6.1 kB
vendor_rust.py CARGO_LOCK_NOTICE = 20.4 kB
virtualenv.py Contains logic for managing virtualenvs for building the tree. 30.5 kB