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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
gmp This directory contains code supporting Gecko Media Plugins (GMPs). The GMP API is not the same thin
ADTSDecoder.cpp static 1.5 kB
ADTSDecoder.h 914 Bytes
ADTSDemuxer.cpp 24.6 kB
ADTSDemuxer.h MediaDataDemuxer 4.8 kB
AsyncLogger.h Implementation of an asynchronous lock-free logging system. 9.3 kB
AudioBufferUtils.h The classes in this file provide a interface that uses frames as a unit. * However, they store thei 7.4 kB
AudioCaptureTrack.cpp 4.7 kB
AudioCaptureTrack.h public ProcessedMediaTrack 1.2 kB
AudioChannelFormat.cpp 510 Bytes
AudioChannelFormat.h This file provides utilities for upmixing and downmixing channels. * * The channel layouts, upmixi 9.1 kB
AudioCompactor.cpp 2.3 kB
AudioCompactor.h 4.6 kB
AudioConfig.cpp AudioConfig::ChannelLayout 10.8 kB
AudioConfig.h 9.8 kB
AudioConverter.cpp Parts derived from MythTV AudioConvert Class * Created by Jean-Yves Avenard. * * Copyright (C) 16.6 kB
AudioConverter.h 9.9 kB
AudioDeviceInfo.cpp nsIAudioDeviceInfo 5.3 kB
AudioDeviceInfo.h 1.9 kB
AudioMixer.h This class mixes multiple streams of audio together to output a single audio * stream. * * AudioM 4.6 kB
AudioNotificationReceiver.cpp A list containing all clients subscribering the device-changed notifications. 2.7 kB
AudioNotificationReceiver.h 4.2 kB
AudioNotificationSender.cpp A runnable task to notify the audio device-changed event. 6.8 kB
AudioNotificationSender.h 984 Bytes
AudioPacketizer.h This class takes arbitrary input data, and returns packets of a specific * size. In the process, it 6.3 kB
AudioSampleFormat.h Audio formats supported in MediaTracks and media elements. * * Only one of these is supported by A 6.6 kB
AudioSegment.cpp 7.6 kB
AudioSegment.h This allows compilation of nsTArray<AudioSegment> and * AutoTArray<AudioSegment> since without it, 17.4 kB
AudioStream.cpp Keep a list of frames sent to the audio engine in each DataCallback along * with the playback rate 21.7 kB
AudioStream.h 11.1 kB
AudioStreamTrack.cpp 1.3 kB
AudioStreamTrack.h public MediaStreamTrack 1.5 kB
AudioTrack.cpp MediaTrack 2.3 kB
AudioTrack.h public MediaTrack 1.6 kB
AudioTrackList.cpp 1.2 kB
AudioTrackList.h public MediaTrackList 1.1 kB
AutoplayPolicy.cpp 11.7 kB
AutoplayPolicy.h AutoplayPolicy is used to manage autoplay logic for all kinds of media, * including MediaElement, W 2.7 kB
BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver.cpp 5.5 kB
BackgroundVideoDecodingPermissionObserver.h 1.4 kB
BaseMediaResource.cpp 5.4 kB
BaseMediaResource.h MediaResource 5.7 kB
Benchmark.cpp 12.5 kB
Benchmark.h public QueueObject 3.5 kB
BitReader.cpp 4.0 kB
BitReader.h 1.5 kB
BitWriter.cpp 2.9 kB
BitWriter.h 1.1 kB
BufferMediaResource.h MediaResource 2.5 kB
BufferReader.h 8.6 kB
ByteWriter.h 1.5 kB
CanvasCaptureMediaStream.cpp 6.3 kB
CanvasCaptureMediaStream.h The CanvasCaptureMediaStream is a MediaStream subclass that provides a video * track containing fra 4.5 kB
ChannelMediaDecoder.cpp 18.8 kB
ChannelMediaDecoder.h MediaDecoder 6.2 kB
ChannelMediaResource.cpp 35.6 kB
ChannelMediaResource.h BaseMediaResource 9.8 kB
CloneableWithRangeMediaResource.cpp 6.0 kB
CloneableWithRangeMediaResource.h public BaseMediaResource 3.2 kB
CubebUtils.cpp 23.4 kB
CubebUtils.h 2.1 kB
DOMMediaStream.cpp 16.0 kB
DOMMediaStream.h public DOMEventTargetHelper 8.4 kB
DecoderTraits.cpp static 11.6 kB
DecoderTraits.h 2.9 kB
DriftCompensation.h DriftCompensator can be used to handle drift between audio and video tracks * from the MediaTrackGr 4.8 kB
FileBlockCache.cpp 17.8 kB
FileBlockCache.h public MediaBlockCacheBase 7.9 kB
FileMediaResource.cpp 6.8 kB
FileMediaResource.h public BaseMediaResource 4.7 kB
ForwardedInputTrack.cpp 8.6 kB
ForwardedInputTrack.h public ProcessedMediaTrack 2.1 kB
FrameStatistics.h 6.2 kB
GVAutoplayPermissionRequest.cpp 8.4 kB
GVAutoplayPermissionRequest.h public ContentPermissionRequestBase 3.6 kB
GVAutoplayRequestStatusIPC.h 753 Bytes
GVAutoplayRequestUtils.h 585 Bytes
GetUserMediaRequest.cpp 2.8 kB
GetUserMediaRequest.h public nsISupports 1.9 kB
GraphDriver.cpp 44.7 kB
GraphDriver.h Assume we can run an iteration of the MediaTrackGraph loop in this much time * or less. * We try t 32.0 kB
GraphRunner.cpp static 4.5 kB
GraphRunner.h 3.9 kB
IdpSandbox.jsm This little class ensures that redirects maintain an https:// origin 8.4 kB
ImageToI420.cpp 5.4 kB
ImageToI420.h Converts aImage to an I420 image and writes it to the given buffers. 787 Bytes
Intervals.h Interval defines an interval between two points. Unlike a traditional interval [A,B] where A <= x 20.1 kB
MediaBlockCacheBase.h 3.3 kB
MediaCache.cpp 106.0 kB
MediaCache.h 26.0 kB
MediaChannelStatistics.h This class is useful for estimating rates of data passing through * some channel. The idea is that 3.0 kB
MediaContainerType.cpp 1.1 kB
MediaContainerType.h 1.8 kB
MediaData.cpp 18.4 kB
MediaData.h 22.8 kB
MediaDataDemuxer.h public DecoderDoctorLifeLogger 8.3 kB
MediaDecoder.cpp 48.2 kB
MediaDecoder.h 25.6 kB
MediaDecoderOwner.h 7.6 kB
MediaDecoderStateMachine.cpp 135.7 kB
MediaDecoderStateMachine.h 28.9 kB
MediaDeviceInfo.cpp 1.6 kB
MediaDeviceInfo.h 1.8 kB
MediaDevices.cpp 9.4 kB
MediaDevices.h 2.8 kB
MediaEventSource.h A thread-safe tool to communicate "revocation" across threads. It is used to * disconnect a listene 14.0 kB
MediaFormatReader.cpp This class tracks shutdown promises to ensure all decoders are shut down * completely before MFR co 107.9 kB
MediaFormatReader.h 27.9 kB
MediaInfo.cpp 2.4 kB
MediaInfo.h 13.7 kB
MediaMIMETypes.cpp 9.1 kB
MediaMIMETypes.h 9.1 kB
MediaManager.cpp 175.7 kB
MediaManager.h 13.4 kB
MediaMetadataManager.h 3.5 kB
MediaPlaybackDelayPolicy.cpp 5.3 kB
MediaPlaybackDelayPolicy.h We usaually start AudioChannelAgent when media starts and stop it when media * stops. However, when 3.1 kB
MediaPromiseDefs.h 592 Bytes
MediaQueue.h private nsDeque 6.0 kB
MediaRecorder.cpp 75.1 kB
MediaRecorder.h Implementation of * https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/dap/raw-file/default/media-stream-capture/MediaRecorder. 7.2 kB
MediaResource.cpp Destroy 16.9 kB
MediaResource.h which can 13.4 kB
MediaResourceCallback.h A callback used by MediaResource (sub-classes like FileMediaResource, * RtspMediaResource, and Chan 2.3 kB
MediaResult.h 2.7 kB
MediaSegment.h Track or graph rate in Hz. Maximum 1 << TRACK_RATE_MAX_BITS Hz. This * maximum avoids overflow in c 16.3 kB
MediaShutdownManager.cpp nsIAsyncShutdownBlocker 5.2 kB
MediaShutdownManager.h public nsIAsyncShutdownBlocker 3.6 kB
MediaSpan.h 4.6 kB
MediaStatistics.h 3.3 kB
MediaStreamError.cpp mParent 3.0 kB
MediaStreamError.h 3.3 kB
MediaStreamTrack.cpp 20.3 kB
MediaStreamTrack.h Common interface through which a MediaStreamTrack can communicate with its * producer on the main t 20.4 kB
MediaStreamWindowCapturer.cpp 2.2 kB
MediaStreamWindowCapturer.h public DOMMediaStream 1.6 kB
MediaTimer.cpp DispatchDestroy 6.3 kB
MediaTimer.h 5.4 kB
MediaTrack.cpp DOMEventTargetHelper 1.3 kB
MediaTrack.h public DOMEventTargetHelper 2.7 kB
MediaTrackGraph.cpp A hash table containing the graph instances, one per document. * * The key is a hash of nsPIDOMWin 137.9 kB
MediaTrackGraph.h 43.3 kB
MediaTrackGraphImpl.h A per-track update message passed from the media graph thread to the * main thread. 36.3 kB
MediaTrackList.cpp DOMEventTargetHelper 4.7 kB
MediaTrackList.h public DOMEventTargetHelper 3.6 kB
MediaTrackListener.cpp 3.6 kB
MediaTrackListener.h This is a base class for media graph thread listener callbacks locked to * specific tracks. Overrid 7.7 kB
MemoryBlockCache.cpp 7.9 kB
MemoryBlockCache.h public MediaBlockCacheBase 3.1 kB
PeerConnection.jsm jshint moz:true, browser:true 65.5 kB
PeerConnectionIdp.jsm jshint moz:true, browser:true 11.2 kB
PrincipalChangeObserver.h A PrincipalChangeObserver for any type, but originating from DOMMediaStream, * then expanded to Med 930 Bytes
PrincipalHandle.h 1.8 kB
QueueObject.cpp 947 Bytes
QueueObject.h 845 Bytes
ReaderProxy.cpp 7.6 kB
ReaderProxy.h A wrapper around MediaFormatReader to offset the timestamps of Audio/Video * samples by the start t 3.7 kB
SeekJob.cpp 853 Bytes
SeekJob.h 862 Bytes
SeekTarget.h 2.4 kB
SelfRef.h 1.0 kB
SharedBuffer.h public ThreadSharedObject 3.7 kB
TextTrack.cpp 12.4 kB
TextTrack.h 4.6 kB
TextTrackCue.cpp DOMEventTargetHelper 8.0 kB
TextTrackCue.h DOMEventTargetHelper 8.9 kB
TextTrackCueList.cpp mParent 3.4 kB
TextTrackCueList.h 2.4 kB
TextTrackList.cpp DOMEventTargetHelper 6.2 kB
TextTrackList.h DOMEventTargetHelper 2.6 kB
TextTrackRegion.cpp mParent 2.0 kB
TextTrackRegion.h 3.6 kB
ThreadPoolCOMListener.cpp 814 Bytes
ThreadPoolCOMListener.h 908 Bytes
TimeUnits.h 8.0 kB
Tracing.cpp 3.7 kB
Tracing.h TRACE is for use in the real-time audio rendering thread. * It would be better to always pass in th 5.9 kB
UnderrunHandler.h 970 Bytes
UnderrunHandlerLinux.cpp 2.3 kB
UnderrunHandlerNoop.cpp 460 Bytes
VideoFrameContainer.cpp 9.0 kB
VideoFrameContainer.h This object is used in the decoder backend threads and the main thread * to manage the "current vid 5.8 kB
VideoFrameConverter.h 15.1 kB
VideoLimits.h 775 Bytes
VideoOutput.h public DirectMediaTrackListener 7.6 kB
VideoPlaybackQuality.cpp AddRef 1.5 kB
VideoPlaybackQuality.h 1.6 kB
VideoSegment.cpp static 3.7 kB
VideoSegment.h 5.7 kB
VideoStreamTrack.cpp 2.9 kB
VideoStreamTrack.h public MediaStreamTrack 1.6 kB
VideoTrack.cpp MediaTrack 2.9 kB
VideoTrack.h public MediaTrack 2.2 kB
VideoTrackList.cpp 2.8 kB
VideoTrackList.h public MediaTrackList 1.4 kB
VideoUtils.cpp 23.9 kB
VideoUtils.h ReentrantMonitorConditionallyEnter * * Enters the supplied monitor only if the conditional value | 19.6 kB
VorbisUtils.h 867 Bytes
WavDumper.h If MOZ_DUMP_AUDIO is set, this dumps a file to disk containing the output of * an audio stream, in 3.7 kB
WebMSample.h 1.7 MB
WebVTTListener.cpp mElement 6.5 kB
WebVTTListener.h 2.2 kB
XiphExtradata.cpp 2.9 kB
XiphExtradata.h This converts a list of headers to the canonical form of extradata for Xiph codecs in non-Ogg con 1.2 kB
components.conf 3.0 kB
moz.build 10.1 kB
nsIAudioDeviceInfo.idl nsISupports 2.0 kB
nsIAutoplay.idl nsISupports 583 Bytes
nsIDOMNavigatorUserMedia.idl 788 Bytes
nsIDocumentActivity.h public nsISupports 1.1 kB
nsIMediaManager.idl 1.8 kB