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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ContentRestore.jsm This module implements the content side of session restoration. The chrome * side is handled by Ses 18.8 kB
ContentSessionStore.jsm 26.6 kB
GlobalState.jsm Module that contains global session data. 1.9 kB
RecentlyClosedTabsAndWindowsMenuUtils.jsm 8.6 kB
RunState.jsm This module keeps track of SessionStore's current run state. We will * always start out at STATE_ST 3.4 kB
SessionCookies.jsm The external API implemented by the SessionCookies module. 6.9 kB
SessionFile.jsm Implementation of all the disk I/O required by the session store. * This is a private API, meant to 17.2 kB
SessionMigration.jsm 3.6 kB
SessionSaver.jsm Minimal interval between two save operations (in milliseconds). * * To save system resources, we g 12.8 kB
SessionStartup.jsm Session Storage and Restoration * * Overview * This service reads user's session file at startup, 13.5 kB
SessionStore.jsm single-window-restored 215.6 kB
SessionWorker.js eslint-env worker 12.9 kB
SessionWorker.jsm Interface to a dedicated thread handling I/O 747 Bytes
StartupPerformance.jsm 9.1 kB
TabAttributes.jsm 1.9 kB
TabState.jsm Module that contains tab state collection methods. 6.7 kB
TabStateCache.jsm A cache for tabs data. * * This cache implements a weak map from tabs (as XUL elements) * to tab 5.2 kB
TabStateFlusher.jsm A module that enables async flushes. Updates from frame scripts are * throttled to be sent only onc 7.7 kB
jar.mn 490 Bytes
moz.build 1.0 kB