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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ASRouter.jsm 73.8 kB
ASRouterFeed.jsm Connects ASRouter singleton 1.2 kB
ASRouterPreferences.jsm 7.3 kB
ASRouterTargeting.jsm 22.1 kB
ASRouterTriggerListeners.jsm Check current location against the list of whitelisted hosts * Additionally verify for redirects an 16.8 kB
AboutPreferences.jsm 9.5 kB
ActivityStream.jsm 22.8 kB
ActivityStreamMessageChannel.jsm This module connects a Redux store to a RemotePageManager in Firefox 10.6 kB
ActivityStreamPrefs.jsm 3.1 kB
ActivityStreamStorage.jsm 3.3 kB
BookmarkPanelHub.jsm 10.8 kB
CFRMessageProvider.jsm 25.8 kB
CFRPageActions.jsm A WeakMap from browsers to {host, recommendation} pairs. Recommendations are * defined in the Exten 37.5 kB
DiscoveryStreamFeed.jsm 53.4 kB
DownloadsManager.jsm 5.7 kB
FaviconFeed.jsm Get favicon info (uri and size) for a uri from Places. * * @param uri {nsIURI} Page to check for f 6.0 kB
FilterAdult.jsm Run some text through md5 and return the base64 result. 89.2 kB
GroupsConfigurationProvider.jsm 450 Bytes
HighlightsFeed.jsm 11.1 kB
LinksCache.jsm Cache link results from a provided object property and refresh after some * amount of time has pass 4.8 kB
NaiveBayesTextTagger.jsm 2.2 kB
NewTabInit.jsm A placeholder for now 1.7 kB
NmfTextTagger.jsm 2.1 kB
OnboardingMessageProvider.jsm globals Localization 20.1 kB
PanelTestProvider.jsm 15.8 kB
PersistentCache.jsm A file (disk) based persistent cache of a JSON serializable object. 2.8 kB
PersonalityProvider.jsm 13.8 kB
PlacesFeed.jsm Observer - a wrapper around history/bookmark observers to add the QueryInterface. 15.6 kB
PrefsFeed.jsm 5.6 kB
RecipeExecutor.jsm RecipeExecutor is the core feature engineering pipeline for the in-browser * personalization work. 32.9 kB
RemoteL10n.jsm The downloaded Fluent file is located in this sub-directory of the local * profile directory. 3.0 kB
Screenshots.jsm 4.1 kB
SearchShortcuts.jsm 2.6 kB
SectionsManager.jsm Generators for built in sections, keyed by the pref name for their feed. * Built in sections may de 19.0 kB
ShortURL.jsm Creates a short version of a link 2.3 kB
SiteClassifier.jsm classifySite * Classifies a given URL into a category based on classification data from RemoteSetti 3.0 kB
SnippetsTestMessageProvider.jsm 23.4 kB
Store.jsm This has a similar structure to a redux store 6.3 kB
SystemTickFeed.jsm 1.1 kB
TelemetryFeed.jsm 33.2 kB
TippyTopProvider.jsm 1.8 kB
Tokenize.jsm Downcases the text, and splits it into consecutive alphanumeric characters. * This is locale aware, 12.7 kB
ToolbarBadgeHub.jsm 12.4 kB
ToolbarPanelHub.jsm 20.2 kB
TopSitesFeed.jsm 26.4 kB
TopStoriesFeed.jsm 30.7 kB
UTEventReporting.jsm Note: the schema can be found in * https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/components/ 2.1 kB
UserDomainAffinityProvider.jsm 13.6 kB