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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ArenaAllocator.h A very simple arena allocator based on NSPR's PLArena. * * The arena allocator only provides for a 6.0 kB
ArenaAllocatorExtensions.h Extensions to the ArenaAllocator class. 2.5 kB
ArrayIterator.h 4.2 kB
Atom.py 1.9 kB
AtomArray.h 548 Bytes
Dafsa.cpp 5.2 kB
Dafsa.h A deterministic acyclic finite state automaton suitable for storing static * dictionaries of tagged 1.4 kB
HTMLAtoms.py 15.9 kB
IncrementalTokenizer.cpp 4.9 kB
IncrementalTokenizer.h public TokenizerBase 4.7 kB
MruCache.h 4.9 kB
Observer.h it 2.1 kB
PLDHashTable.cpp 25.0 kB
PLDHashTable.h 27.5 kB
PerfectHash.h Helper routines for perfecthash.py. Not to be used directly. 1.7 kB
SimpleEnumerator.h A wrapper class around nsISimpleEnumerator to support ranged iteration. This * requires every eleme 2.0 kB
StaticAtoms.py 100.5 kB
StickyTimeDuration.h A ValueCalculator class that performs additional checks before performing * arithmetic operations s 8.2 kB
Tokenizer.cpp 19.7 kB
Tokenizer.h 18.6 kB
components.conf 841 Bytes
moz.build 3.6 kB
nsArray.cpp 4.3 kB
nsArray.h 2.4 kB
nsArrayEnumerator.cpp 5.9 kB
nsArrayEnumerator.h 1.3 kB
nsArrayUtils.cpp 719 Bytes
nsArrayUtils.h 1.2 kB
nsAtom.h 9.7 kB
nsAtomTable.cpp 24.9 kB
nsAtomTable.h 788 Bytes
nsBaseHashtable.h the private nsTHashtable::EntryType class used by nsBaseHashtable * @see nsTHashtable for the speci 13.0 kB
nsCOMArray.cpp 7.3 kB
nsCOMArray.h 14.5 kB
nsCRT.cpp MODULE NOTES: * @update gess7/30/98 * * Much as I hate to do it, we were using string compares w 3.2 kB
nsCRT.h 3.4 kB
nsCharSeparatedTokenizer.h This parses a SeparatorChar-separated string into tokens. * Whitespace surrounding tokens is not tr 6.3 kB
nsCheapSets.h A set that takes up minimal size when there are 0 or 1 entries in the set. * Use for cases where si 3.8 kB
nsClassHashtable.h public nsBaseHashtable 3.4 kB
nsDataHashtable.h public nsBaseHashtable 2.1 kB
nsDeque.cpp Standard constructor * @param deallocator, called by Erase and ~nsDeque 7.6 kB
nsDeque.h MODULE NOTES: * * The Deque is a very small, very efficient container object * than can hold item 9.0 kB
nsEnumeratorUtils.cpp 6.3 kB
nsEnumeratorUtils.h 888 Bytes
nsExpirationTracker.h Data used to track the expiration state of an object. We promise that this * is 32 bits so that obj 20.6 kB
nsGkAtoms.cpp 2.3 kB
nsGkAtoms.h 7.0 kB
nsHashKeys.h 17.9 kB
nsHashPropertyBag.cpp nsHashPropertyBagBase implementation. 8.9 kB
nsHashPropertyBag.h public nsHashPropertyBagBase 1.7 kB
nsIArray.idl that the array should not be QueryInterfaced to an 3.8 kB
nsIArrayExtensions.idl nsIArray 1.8 kB
nsIINIParser.idl nsISupports 1.4 kB
nsIMutableArray.idl nsIArrayExtensions 3.5 kB
nsINIParserImpl.cpp 4.1 kB
nsINIParserImpl.h 1.1 kB
nsIObserver.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB
nsIObserverService.idl nsISupports 2.6 kB
nsIPersistentProperties.h 552 Bytes
nsIPersistentProperties2.idl 1.8 kB
nsIProperties.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB
nsIProperty.idl nsISupports 666 Bytes
nsIPropertyBag.idl nsISupports 854 Bytes
nsIPropertyBag2.idl nsIPropertyBag 1.6 kB
nsISerializable.idl nsISupports 1.3 kB
nsISimpleEnumerator.idl nsISimpleEnumeratorBase 2.7 kB
nsIStringEnumerator.idl nsIStringEnumeratorBase 1.0 kB
nsISupportsIterators.idl -- IDL defining general purpose iterators 12.4 kB
nsISupportsPrimitives.idl nsISupports wrappers for single primitive pieces of data. 5.4 kB
nsIVariant.idl The long avoided variant support for xpcom. 6.3 kB
nsIWindowsRegKey.idl nsISupports 11.7 kB
nsIWritablePropertyBag.idl nsIPropertyBag 894 Bytes
nsIWritablePropertyBag2.idl nsIPropertyBag2 1.2 kB
nsInterfaceHashtable.h templated hashtable class maps keys to interface pointers. * See nsBaseHashtable for complete decla 5.5 kB
nsJSThingHashtable.h A wrapper for hash keys that sets ALLOW_MEMMOVE to false. * * This is used in the implementation o 2.0 kB
nsMathUtils.h round 3.5 kB
nsObserverList.cpp 2.7 kB
nsObserverList.h public nsCharPtrHashKey 2.1 kB
nsObserverService.cpp 10.8 kB
nsObserverService.h NS_OBSERVERSERVICE_CID 1.9 kB
nsPersistentProperties.cpp 18.5 kB
nsPersistentProperties.h 1.5 kB
nsPointerHashKeys.h Definitions for nsPtrHashKey<T> and nsVoidPtrHashKey. 1.4 kB
nsProperties.cpp nsIProperties 1.7 kB
nsProperties.h 823 Bytes
nsQuickSort.cpp - * Copyright (c) 1992, 1993 * The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. 5.7 kB
nsQuickSort.h We need this because Solaris' version of qsort is broken and * causes array bounds reads. 1.2 kB
nsRefPtrHashtable.h templated hashtable class maps keys to reference pointers. * See nsBaseHashtable for complete decla 5.6 kB
nsSimpleEnumerator.cpp 2.2 kB
nsSimpleEnumerator.h public nsISimpleEnumerator 675 Bytes
nsStaticAtomUtils.h 1.2 kB
nsStaticNameTable.cpp Class to manage lookup of static names in a table. 5.9 kB
nsStaticNameTable.h Classes to manage lookup of static names in a table. 1.6 kB
nsStringEnumerator.cpp 8.6 kB
nsStringEnumerator.h 4.0 kB
nsSupportsPrimitives.cpp 14.7 kB
nsSupportsPrimitives.h / class nsSupportsCString final : public nsISupportsCString { public: NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS NS_DEC 6.0 kB
nsTArray-inl.h 19.2 kB
nsTArray.cpp 1.3 kB
nsTArray.h 100.5 kB
nsTArrayForwardDeclare.h 912 Bytes
nsTHashtable.h 18.9 kB
nsTObserverArray.cpp 886 Bytes
nsTObserverArray.h unless you specifically 18.8 kB
nsTPriorityQueue.h A templatized priority queue data structure that uses an nsTArray to serve as * a binary heap. The 4.4 kB
nsVariant.cpp 59.7 kB
nsVariant.h Map the nsAUTF8String, nsUTF8String classes to the nsACString and * nsCString classes respectively 7.5 kB
nsWhitespaceTokenizer.h 3.2 kB
nsWindowsRegKey.cpp nsIWindowsRegKey 14.5 kB
nsWindowsRegKey.h This ContractID may be used to instantiate a windows registry key object * via the XPCOM component 1.7 kB