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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 81 Bytes
NFCErrorEvent_constructor.https.html NFCErrorEvent constructor 436 Bytes
NFCReader-manual.https.html Web NFC: NFCReader tests 2.5 kB
NFCReader.html Web NFC: NFCReader tests 1.4 kB
NFCReadingEvent_constructor.https.html NFCReadingEvent constructor 448 Bytes
NFCWriter_push.https.html Web NFC: Test exceptions in NFCWriter.push 7.5 kB
idlharness.https.window.js 612 Bytes
nfc_hw_disabled-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: NFC HW Disabled 1.1 kB
nfc_insecure_context.html Web NFC Test: insecure context 748 Bytes
nfc_push_ArrayBuffer-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: push ArrayBuffer message 1.3 kB
nfc_push_DOMString-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: push DOMString message 1.1 kB
nfc_recordType_empty-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: write and read empty records 959 Bytes
nfc_recordType_json-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: write and read json records 982 Bytes
nfc_recordType_opaque-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: write and read opaque records 999 Bytes
nfc_recordType_text-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: write and read text records 975 Bytes
nfc_recordType_url-manual.https.html Web NFC Test: write and read url records 1.0 kB