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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
server These files provide functionality for serving and responding to HTTP
Connection.jsm 3.2 kB
Error.jsm foo is not a function 3.4 kB
JSONHandler.jsm 2.2 kB
Log.jsm StdLog 1.1 kB
Observer.jsm type 844 Bytes
Protocol.jsm 769.7 kB
README The Firefox remote agent is a low-level debugging interface based 687 Bytes
RecommendedPreferences.jsm 420 Bytes
RemoteAgent.jsm 6.3 kB
RemoteAgent.manifest 212 Bytes
Sync.jsm Wait for a single event to be fired on a specific EventListener. * * The returned promise is guara 3.2 kB
WindowManager.jsm The WindowManager provides tooling for application-agnostic * observation of windows, tabs, and con 4.2 kB
command-line-handler.js 1.3 kB
jar.mn 2.7 kB
moz.build 1.5 kB