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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AutoReferenceChainGuard.h 6.6 kB
SVGContextPaint.cpp static 13.6 kB
SVGContextPaint.h public RefCounted 10.3 kB
SVGFEContainerFrame.cpp This frame is used by filter primitive elements that * have special child elements that provide par 3.4 kB
SVGFEImageFrame.cpp 6.0 kB
SVGFELeafFrame.cpp This frame is used by filter primitive elements that don't * have special child elements that provi 3.2 kB
SVGFEUnstyledLeafFrame.cpp 2.9 kB
SVGGeometryFrame.cpp 31.1 kB
SVGGeometryFrame.h public nsFrame 4.3 kB
SVGImageContext.cpp static 2.6 kB
SVGImageContext.h 4.6 kB
SVGObserverUtils.cpp 58.2 kB
SVGObserverUtils.h This class contains URL and referrer information (referrer and referrer * policy). * We use it to 16.5 kB
SVGTextFrame.cpp 189.3 kB
SVGTextFrame.h Information about the positioning for a single character in an SVG <text> * element. * * During S 20.8 kB
SVGViewFrame.cpp While views are not directly rendered in SVG they can be linked to * and thereby override attribute 3.7 kB
moz.build 2.1 kB
nsCSSClipPathInstance.cpp static 8.9 kB
nsCSSClipPathInstance.h 2.3 kB
nsCSSFilterInstance.cpp 12.8 kB
nsCSSFilterInstance.h This class helps nsFilterInstance build its filter graph. It turns a CSS * filter function (e.g. bl 5.7 kB
nsFilterInstance.cpp 34.7 kB
nsFilterInstance.h This class performs all filter processing. * * We build a graph of the filter image data flow, ess 14.9 kB
nsISVGSVGFrame.h 927 Bytes
nsSVGAFrame.cpp 3.6 kB
nsSVGClipPathFrame.cpp 18.7 kB
nsSVGClipPathFrame.h 7.1 kB
nsSVGContainerFrame.cpp 17.0 kB
nsSVGContainerFrame.h public nsContainerFrame 5.8 kB
nsSVGDisplayableFrame.h public nsQueryFrame 7.1 kB
nsSVGFilterFrame.cpp 6.5 kB
nsSVGFilterFrame.h 2.7 kB
nsSVGFilterInstance.cpp 16.5 kB
nsSVGFilterInstance.h 9.6 kB
nsSVGFilterPaintCallback.h 1.3 kB
nsSVGForeignObjectFrame.cpp 21.3 kB
nsSVGForeignObjectFrame.h 3.7 kB
nsSVGGFrame.cpp 2.1 kB
nsSVGGFrame.h public nsSVGDisplayContainerFrame 1.6 kB
nsSVGGenericContainerFrame.cpp 1.7 kB
nsSVGGenericContainerFrame.h 1.6 kB
nsSVGGradientFrame.cpp 23.6 kB
nsSVGGradientFrame.h public nsSVGPaintServerFrame 6.9 kB
nsSVGImageFrame.cpp 20.6 kB
nsSVGImageFrame.h 3.9 kB
nsSVGInnerSVGFrame.cpp 1.3 kB
nsSVGInnerSVGFrame.h 1.3 kB
nsSVGIntegrationUtils.cpp This class is used to get the pre-effects visual overflow rect of a frame, * or, in the case of a f 49.6 kB
nsSVGIntegrationUtils.h Integration of SVG effects (clipPath clipping, masking and filters) into * regular display list bas 9.6 kB
nsSVGMarkerFrame.cpp 8.1 kB
nsSVGMarkerFrame.h 5.3 kB
nsSVGMaskFrame.cpp 8.0 kB
nsSVGMaskFrame.h 3.4 kB
nsSVGOuterSVGFrame.cpp 41.1 kB
nsSVGOuterSVGFrame.h 10.5 kB
nsSVGPaintServerFrame.h public nsSVGContainerFrame 2.9 kB
nsSVGPatternFrame.cpp 26.3 kB
nsSVGPatternFrame.h 5.0 kB
nsSVGStopFrame.cpp public nsFrame 3.5 kB
nsSVGSwitchFrame.cpp 9.8 kB
nsSVGSymbolFrame.cpp 1.2 kB
nsSVGSymbolFrame.h 1.2 kB
nsSVGUseFrame.cpp 5.2 kB
nsSVGUseFrame.h 1.9 kB
nsSVGUtils.cpp 62.6 kB
nsSVGUtils.h 24.0 kB
nsSVGViewportFrame.cpp 10.6 kB
nsSVGViewportFrame.h public nsSVGDisplayContainerFrame 1.9 kB
svg.css not 2.8 kB