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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
FormAutofillFrameScript.js Form Autofill frame script. 4.4 kB
autofillEditForms.js exported EditAddress, EditCreditCard 20.2 kB
customElements.js eslint-env mozilla/browser-window 12.5 kB
editAddress.xhtml 4.8 kB
editCreditCard.xhtml 4.2 kB
editDialog.js exported EditAddressDialog, EditCreditCardDialog 4.9 kB
formautofill.css 2.1 kB
formfill-anchor.svg 921 Bytes
heuristicsRegexp.js Form Autofill field Heuristics RegExp. 8.6 kB
icon-address-save.svg 877 Bytes
icon-address-update.svg 874 Bytes
icon-credit-card-generic.svg 694 Bytes
icon-credit-card.svg 765 Bytes
l10n.js This file will be replaced by Fluent but it's a middle ground so we can share * the edit dialog cod 1.9 kB
manageAddresses.xhtml 1.6 kB
manageCreditCards.xhtml 1.6 kB
manageDialog.css 3.1 kB
manageDialog.js exported ManageAddresses, ManageCreditCards 12.8 kB