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.eslintrc.js false 769 Bytes
UrlbarController.jsm The address bar controller handles queries from the address bar, obtains * results and returns them 19.0 kB
UrlbarEventBufferer.jsm The UrlbarEventBufferer can queue up events and replay them later, to make * the urlbar results mor 11.7 kB
UrlbarInput.jsm Represents the urlbar <textbox>. * Also forwards important textbox properties and methods. 59.9 kB
UrlbarMuxerUnifiedComplete.jsm This module exports a component used to sort matches in a UrlbarQueryContext. 3.3 kB
UrlbarPrefs.jsm This module exports the UrlbarPrefs singleton, which manages * preferences for the urlbar. 12.2 kB
UrlbarProviderOpenTabs.jsm This module exports a provider, returning open tabs matches for the urlbar. * It is also used to re 8.1 kB
UrlbarProviderUnifiedComplete.jsm This module exports a provider that wraps the existing UnifiedComplete * component, it is supposed 14.4 kB
UrlbarProvidersManager.jsm This module exports a component used to register search providers and manage * the connection betwe 16.6 kB
UrlbarResult.jsm This module exports a urlbar result class, each representing a single result * found by a provider 8.2 kB
UrlbarTokenizer.jsm This module exports a tokenizer to be used by the urlbar model. * Emitted tokens are objects in the 12.6 kB
UrlbarUtils.jsm This module exports the UrlbarUtils singleton, which contains constants and * helper functions that 19.8 kB
UrlbarValueFormatter.jsm Applies URL highlighting and other styling to the text in the urlbar input, * depending on the text 16.3 kB
UrlbarView.jsm body-inner 29.8 kB
moz.build 883 Bytes