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EventEmitter.jsm 982 Bytes
SyncedTabsDeckComponent.js SyncedTabsDeckComponent * This component instantiates views and storage objects as well as defines 7.3 kB
SyncedTabsDeckStore.js SyncedTabsDeckStore * * This store keeps track of the deck view state, including the panels and wh 1.7 kB
SyncedTabsDeckView.js SyncedTabsDeckView * * Instances of SyncedTabsDeckView render DOM nodes from a given state. * No 2.8 kB
SyncedTabsListStore.js SyncedTabsListStore * * Instances of this store encapsulate all of the state associated with a syn 7.1 kB
TabListComponent.js TabListComponent * * The purpose of this component is to compose the view, state, and actions. * 4.1 kB
TabListView.js TabListView * * Given a state, this object will render the corresponding DOM. * It maintains no s 18.2 kB
jar.mn 296 Bytes
moz.build 660 Bytes
sidebar.js 1.7 kB
sidebar.xhtml title 5.3 kB
util.js 429 Bytes