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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ActionSandboxManager.jsm An extension to SandboxManager that prepares a sandbox for executing * Normandy actions. * * Acti 2.9 kB
AddonStudies.jsm @typedef {Object} Study * @property {Number} recipeId * ID of the recipe that created the study. 11.2 kB
Addons.jsm SafeAddons store info about an add-on. They are single-depth * objects to simplify cloning, and hav 4.1 kB
CleanupManager.jsm 1.3 kB
ClientEnvironment.jsm 7.5 kB
EventEmitter.jsm Event fired with no listeners 1.8 kB
FilterExpressions.jsm Return an array of the given object's own keys (specifically, its enumerable * properties), or unde 1.9 kB
Heartbeat.jsm 13.8 kB
LogManager.jsm 1.2 kB
NormandyApi.jsm 7.0 kB
NormandyDriver.jsm 8.6 kB
PreferenceExperiments.jsm Preference Experiments temporarily change a preference to one of several test * values for the dura 20.2 kB
PreferenceFilters.jsm 867 Bytes
RecipeRunner.jsm 12.6 kB
Sampling.jsm 6.4 kB
SandboxManager.jsm A wrapper class with helper methods for manipulating a sandbox. * * Along with convenient utility 3.8 kB
ShieldPreferences.jsm Handles Shield-specific preferences, including their UI. 6.4 kB
Storage.jsm 2.4 kB
TelemetryEvents.jsm 1.3 kB
Uptake.jsm telemetry 1.7 kB
Utils.jsm 947 Bytes