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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
cms.h Interfaces of the CMS implementation. 39.8 kB
cmsarray.c CMS array functions. 4.7 kB
cmsasn1.c CMS ASN.1 templates 18.2 kB
cmsattr.c CMS attributes. 12.1 kB
cmscinfo.c CMS contentInfo methods. 12.2 kB
cmscipher.c Encryption/decryption routines for CMS implementation, none of which are exported. 24.4 kB
cmsdecode.c CMS decoding. 25.8 kB
cmsdigdata.c CMS digestedData methods. 6.1 kB
cmsdigest.c CMS digesting. 6.9 kB
cmsencdata.c CMS encryptedData methods. 7.7 kB
cmsencode.c CMS encoding. 28.4 kB
cmsenvdata.c CMS envelopedData methods. 12.4 kB
cmslocal.h Support routines for CMS implementation, none of which are exported. * * Do not export this file! 13.4 kB
cmsmessage.c CMS message methods. 8.9 kB
cmspubkey.c CMS public key crypto 9.4 kB
cmsrecinfo.c CMS recipientInfo methods. 23.6 kB
cmsreclist.c CMS recipient list functions 6.1 kB
cmsreclist.h 908 Bytes
cmssigdata.c CMS signedData methods. 33.6 kB
cmssiginfo.c CMS signerInfo methods. 33.8 kB
cmst.h Header for CMS types. 17.3 kB
cmsudf.c CMS User Define Types 11.7 kB
cmsutil.c CMS miscellaneous utility functions. 10.7 kB
config.mk 1.3 kB
exports.gyp 768 Bytes
manifest.mn 876 Bytes
smime.def 7.9 kB
smime.gyp 1.9 kB
smime.h Header file for routines specific to S/MIME. Keep things that are pure * pkcs7 out of here; this i 5.7 kB
smime.rc 1.9 kB
smimemessage.c SMIME message methods 6.2 kB
smimesym.c 370 Bytes
smimeutil.c Stuff specific to S/MIME policy and interoperability. 26.2 kB
smimever.c Library identity and versioning 462 Bytes