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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
alg1485.c implementation of RFCs 1485 50.3 kB
cert.h public data structures and prototypes for the certificate library 60.5 kB
certdb.c Certificate handling code 93.9 kB
certdb.gyp 747 Bytes
certdb.h common flags for all types of certificates 3.2 kB
certi.h private data structures for the certificate library 15.5 kB
certt.h public data structures for the certificate library 46.9 kB
certv3.c Code for dealing with X509.V3 extensions. 5.7 kB
certxutl.c Certificate Extensions handling code * 12.6 kB
certxutl.h x.509 v3 certificate extension helper routines * 1.5 kB
config.mk 395 Bytes
crl.c Moved from secpkcs7.c 96.8 kB
exports.gyp 816 Bytes
genname.c 65.5 kB
genname.h / SEC_BEGIN_PROTOS extern const SEC_ASN1Template CERT_GeneralNamesTemplate[]; extern SECItem **cer 3.5 kB
manifest.mn 677 Bytes
polcyxtn.c Support for various policy related extensions 21.8 kB
secname.c 19.0 kB
stanpcertdb.c Call to PK11_FreeSlot below 36.7 kB
xauthkid.c X.509 v3 Subject Key Usage Extension * 4.0 kB
xbsconst.c X.509 v3 Basic Constraints Extension 4.7 kB
xconst.c X.509 Extension Encoding 7.7 kB
xconst.h 1.2 kB