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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
android-packages.txt 119 Bytes
android.py Looks like you have the Android NDK installed at: %s 12.4 kB
archlinux.py Archlinux experimental bootstrapper. 6.8 kB
bootstrap.py 19.1 kB
centosfedora.py 4.2 kB
debian.py derived distros 6.1 kB
freebsd.py 2.1 kB
gentoo.py 3.5 kB
linux_common.py 679 Bytes
mach_commands.py Bootstrap system and mach for optimal development experience. 2.9 kB
mozillabuild.py Bootstrapper for MozillaBuild to install rustup. 1.9 kB
openbsd.py 1.6 kB
rust.py Sorry, we have no installer configured for your platform. Please try installing rust for your syste 6.3 kB
stylo.py 325 Bytes
util.py Obtain path to a directory to hold state. Returns a tuple of the path and a bool indicating whe 660 Bytes
windows.py Bootstrapper for msys2 based environments for building in Windows. 3.5 kB