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objs This directory contains all the object files created when building the
CMakeLists.txt 12.6 kB
ChangeLog 152.6 kB
ChangeLog.20 91.6 kB
ChangeLog.21 329.1 kB
ChangeLog.22 99.8 kB
ChangeLog.23 272.4 kB
ChangeLog.24 207.3 kB
ChangeLog.25 162.3 kB
ChangeLog.26 176.4 kB
ChangeLog.27 63.1 kB
Jamfile 6.0 kB
Jamrules 1.5 kB
LICENSE.TXT found in the file 1.7 kB
Makefile 842 Bytes
README FreeType 2.9 2.4 kB
README.git -- 1.6 kB
README.moz-patches 1.3 kB
autogen.sh 3.9 kB
configure 3.9 kB
modules.cfg - at least one is required 7.1 kB
moz.build 3.8 kB
version.sed 236 Bytes
vms_make.com 35.8 kB