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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
bit_reader.c Bit reading helpers 1.3 kB
bit_reader.h Bit reading helpers 12.0 kB
context.h 11.9 kB
decode.c We need the slack region for the following reasons: - doing up to two 16-byte copies for fast ba 85.4 kB
huffman.c Utilities for building Huffman decoding tables. 11.7 kB
huffman.h Utilities for building Huffman decoding tables. 2.4 kB
port.h Macros for compiler / platform specific features and build options. Build options are: * BRO 5.0 kB
prefix.h Lookup tables to map prefix codes to value ranges. This is used during decoding of the block leng 32.2 kB
state.c 5.1 kB
state.h Brotli state for partial streaming decoding. 7.4 kB
transform.h Transformations on dictionary words. 9.5 kB