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Libhnj was written by Raph Levien <raph at acm dot org>.

Original Libhnj source with OOo's patches are managed by Rene Engelhard and
Chris Halls at Debian: http://packages.debian.org/stable/libdevel/libhnj-dev
and http://packages.debian.org/unstable/source/libhnj

This subset of Libhnj was extended by
Peter Novodvorsky <nidd at alt-linux dot org> (OOo integration),
László Németh <nemeth at numbertext dot org> (non-standard and compound
hyphenation with Unicode support),
Nanning Buitenhuis <nanning at elvenkind dot com> (substrings.c)

Write bug reports to László Németh or in the bug tracker of hunspell.sf.net.

Please contact Raph Levien for information about licensing for
proprietary applications.