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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
cff.cc PostScript font program 30.1 kB
cff.h public Table 1.4 kB
cff_type2_charstring.cc 27.4 kB
cff_type2_charstring.h 3.1 kB
cmap.cc Character To Glyph Index Mapping Table 38.8 kB
cmap.h public Table 2.6 kB
cvt.cc Control Value Table 1.1 kB
cvt.h public Table 582 Bytes
feat.cc this 6.4 kB
feat.h public Table 1.7 kB
fpgm.cc Font Program 1.0 kB
fpgm.h public Table 587 Bytes
gasp.cc Grid-fitting And Scan-conversion Procedure 2.4 kB
gasp.h public Table 700 Bytes
gdef.cc The Glyph Definition Table 11.4 kB
gdef.h public Table 912 Bytes
glat.cc 14.6 kB
glat.h 5.5 kB
gloc.cc 3.5 kB
gloc.h public Table 824 Bytes
glyf.cc Glyph Data 11.2 kB
glyf.h public Table 1.0 kB
gpos.cc The Glyph Positioning Table 30.5 kB
gpos.h public Table 679 Bytes
graphite.h 2.0 kB
gsub.cc The Glyph Substitution Table 23.2 kB
gsub.h public Table 698 Bytes
hdmx.cc Horizontal Device Metrics 3.7 kB
hdmx.h public Table 778 Bytes
head.cc Font Header 3.5 kB
head.h public Table 726 Bytes
hhea.cc Horizontal Header 799 Bytes
hhea.h public OpenTypeMetricsHeader 561 Bytes
hmtx.cc Horizontal Metrics 563 Bytes
hmtx.h public OpenTypeMetricsTable 591 Bytes
kern.cc Kerning 5.9 kB
kern.h public Table 1.1 kB
layout.cc 58.1 kB
layout.h 2.8 kB
loca.cc Index to Location 2.8 kB
loca.h public Table 561 Bytes
ltsh.cc Linear Threshold 1.8 kB
ltsh.h public Table 614 Bytes
math.cc The MATH Table 18.4 kB
math_.h 2.8 kB
maxp.cc Maximum Profile 3.0 kB
maxp.h public Table 882 Bytes
metrics.cc 5.2 kB
metrics.h 1.3 kB
moz.build 1.4 kB
name.cc Naming Table 10.9 kB
name.h public Table 1.6 kB
os2.cc 11.2 kB
os2.h public Table 1.6 kB
ots.cc 34.0 kB
ots.h 9.2 kB
post.cc PostScript 5.6 kB
post.h public Table 771 Bytes
prep.cc Control Value Program 1.1 kB
prep.h public Table 591 Bytes
sile.cc 2.3 kB
sile.h public Table 775 Bytes
silf.cc 35.6 kB
silf.h public Table 6.3 kB
sill.cc 5.3 kB
sill.h public Table 1.4 kB
vdmx.cc Vertical Device Metrics 4.8 kB
vdmx.h public Table 1.1 kB
vhea.cc Vertical Header Table 1.0 kB
vhea.h public OpenTypeMetricsHeader 588 Bytes
vmtx.cc Vertical Metrics Table 771 Bytes
vmtx.h public OpenTypeMetricsTable 619 Bytes
vorg.cc Vertical Origin Table 2.4 kB
vorg.h public Table 775 Bytes