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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
APZCTreeManager.cpp 122.3 kB
APZCTreeManager.h 34.0 kB
APZSampler.cpp 4.1 kB
APZUtils.cpp static 941 Bytes
APZUtils.h 4.1 kB
AndroidAPZ.cpp 10.8 kB
AndroidAPZ.h 2.1 kB
AndroidDynamicToolbarAnimator.cpp 45.8 kB
AndroidDynamicToolbarAnimator.h The AndroidDynamicToolbarAnimator is responsible for calculating the position * and drawing the sta 17.5 kB
AsyncDragMetrics.h 1.6 kB
AsyncPanZoomAnimation.h 2.5 kB
AsyncPanZoomController.cpp etc 185.2 kB
AsyncPanZoomController.h 54.3 kB
AutoscrollAnimation.cpp 3.4 kB
AutoscrollAnimation.h public AsyncPanZoomAnimation 1.0 kB
Axis.cpp 20.1 kB
Axis.h Compare two coordinates for equality, accounting for rounding error. * Use both FuzzyEqualsAdditive 12.7 kB
CheckerboardEvent.cpp 6.4 kB
CheckerboardEvent.h This class records information relevant to one "checkerboard event", which is * a contiguous set of 6.5 kB
DragTracker.cpp static 1.9 kB
DragTracker.h 1.1 kB
FocusState.cpp 6.2 kB
FocusState.h 6.9 kB
FocusTarget.cpp 8.1 kB
FocusTarget.h This class is used for communicating information about the currently focused * element of a documen 2.2 kB
GenericFlingAnimation.h public AsyncPanZoomAnimation 9.7 kB
GenericScrollAnimation.cpp 4.2 kB
GenericScrollAnimation.h public AsyncPanZoomAnimation 2.0 kB
GestureEventListener.cpp Maximum time for a touch on the screen and corresponding lift of the finger * to be considered a ta 21.2 kB
GestureEventListener.h Platform-non-specific, generalized gesture event listener. This class * intercepts all touches even 10.0 kB
HitTestingTreeNode.cpp 11.7 kB
HitTestingTreeNode.h This class represents a node in a tree that is used by the APZCTreeManager * to do hit testing. The 8.3 kB
InputBlockState.cpp 26.4 kB
InputBlockState.h public RefCounted 17.3 kB
InputQueue.cpp 30.7 kB
InputQueue.h This class stores incoming input events, associated with "input blocks", * until they are ready for 10.0 kB
KeyboardMap.cpp static 5.4 kB
KeyboardMap.h This class is an off main-thread <xul:handler> for scrolling commands. 3.9 kB
KeyboardScrollAction.cpp static 1.4 kB
KeyboardScrollAction.h This class represents a scrolling action to be performed on a scrollable * layer. 1.4 kB
KeyboardScrollAnimation.cpp 2.0 kB
KeyboardScrollAnimation.h public GenericScrollAnimation 1.0 kB
Overscroll.h 5.0 kB
OverscrollHandoffState.cpp 4.7 kB
OverscrollHandoffState.h This class represents the chain of APZCs along which overscroll is handed * off. It is created by A 6.1 kB
PotentialCheckerboardDurationTracker.cpp 2.2 kB
PotentialCheckerboardDurationTracker.h This class allows the owner to track the duration of time considered * "potentially checkerboarding 2.1 kB
QueuedInput.cpp 1.5 kB
QueuedInput.h This lightweight class holds a pointer to an input event that has not yet * been completely process 1.8 kB
TouchCounter.cpp 1.4 kB
TouchCounter.h 899 Bytes
WheelScrollAnimation.cpp 2.1 kB
WheelScrollAnimation.h public GenericScrollAnimation 981 Bytes