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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
entry_points_egl.cpp Implements the EGL entry points 34.1 kB
entry_points_egl.h Defines the EGL entry points 4.9 kB
entry_points_egl_ext.cpp 26.4 kB
entry_points_egl_ext.h Defines the EGL extension entry points 6.1 kB
entry_points_gles_1_0_autogen.cpp 72.8 kB
entry_points_gles_1_0_autogen.h 15.6 kB
entry_points_gles_2_0_autogen.cpp 48.6 kB
entry_points_gles_2_0_autogen.h 11.6 kB
entry_points_gles_2_0_ext.cpp Implements the GLES 2 91.9 kB
entry_points_gles_2_0_ext.h Defines the GLES 2 38.0 kB
entry_points_gles_3_0_autogen.cpp 71.3 kB
entry_points_gles_3_0_autogen.h 18.9 kB
entry_points_gles_3_1_autogen.cpp 50.4 kB
entry_points_gles_3_1_autogen.h 15.1 kB
entry_points_gles_ext_autogen.cpp 47.8 kB
entry_points_gles_ext_autogen.h 13.4 kB
global_state.cpp Implements functions for querying the thread-local GL and EGL state 3.0 kB
global_state.h Defines functions for querying the thread-local GL and EGL state 565 Bytes
libGLESv2.cpp Implements the exported OpenGL ES 2 83.9 kB
libGLESv2.def 16.7 kB
libGLESv2.rc 2.5 kB
proc_table.h 599 Bytes
proc_table_autogen.cpp 34.6 kB
resource.h 389 Bytes