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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
chrome.ini 246 Bytes
file_udpsocket_iframe.html Test UDPSocket BFCache 528 Bytes
mochitest.ini 222 Bytes
tcpsocket_test.jsm 492 Bytes
test_network_basics.html Test for Network API 1.0 kB
test_network_basics_worker.html Test for Network in workers API 876 Bytes
test_tcpsocket_client_and_server_basics.html Test for Bug 1084245 1.9 kB
test_tcpsocket_client_and_server_basics.js Helper method to add event listeners to a socket and provide two Promise-returning * helpers (see b 17.4 kB
test_tcpsocket_jsm.html Test for 1207090 929 Bytes
test_tcpsocket_legacy.html Test for Bug 885982 2.0 kB
test_tcpsocket_not_exposed_to_content.html Test to ensure TCPSocket permission enabled and no tcp-socket perm does not allow open 834 Bytes
test_udpsocket.html Test UDPSocket API 13.1 kB
worker_network_basics.js 601 Bytes