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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
chrome.ini 77 Bytes
file_TLD.html 140 Bytes
file_stringencoding.jsm 228 Bytes
file_utf16_be_bom.css 60 Bytes
file_utf16_be_bom.js 44 Bytes
file_utf16_be_bom.xhtml 378 Bytes
file_utf16_le_bom.css 60 Bytes
file_utf16_le_bom.js 44 Bytes
file_utf16_le_bom.xhtml 384 Bytes
file_utf16_le_nobom.xhtml 364 Bytes
mochitest.ini 577 Bytes
stringencoding-license.txt 304 Bytes
test_BOMEncoding.js test_TextDecoderBOMEncoding.js * bug 764234 tests 13.1 kB
test_TLD.html Test for Bug 910211 1.4 kB
test_TextDecoder.html Test for TextDecoder 750 Bytes
test_TextDecoder.js test_TextDecoderOptions.js * bug 764234 tests 25.4 kB
test_TextEncoder.html Test for TextEncoder 588 Bytes
test_TextEncoder.js test_TextEncoder.js * bug 764234 tests 9.6 kB
test_stringencoding.html Encoding API Tests 940 Bytes
test_stringencoding.xul 904 Bytes
test_submit_euckr.html Test for euc-kr encoded form submission 795 Bytes
test_utf16_files.html Test loading various utf-16 files (little or big endian, with or without BOM) 2.0 kB
worker_helper.js worker_helper.js * bug 764234 tests 1.3 kB