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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ChannelWrapper.webidl EventTarget 14.0 kB
ChromeUtils.webidl A collection of static utility methods that are only exposed to system code. * This is exposed in a 15.3 kB
DominatorTree.webidl In a directed graph with a root node `R`, a node `A` is said to "dominate" a * node `B` iff every p 3.1 kB
HeapSnapshot.webidl A HeapSnapshot represents a snapshot of the heap graph 3.8 kB
InspectorUtils.webidl A collection of utility methods for use by devtools. * * See InspectorUtils.h for documentation on 7.1 kB
MatchGlob.webidl Represents a simple glob pattern matcher. Any occurrence of "*" in the glob * pattern matches any l 849 Bytes
MatchPattern.webidl A URL match pattern as used by the WebExtension and Chrome extension APIs. * * A match pattern is 4.1 kB
MozStorageAsyncStatementParams.webidl 586 Bytes
MozStorageStatementParams.webidl 581 Bytes
MozStorageStatementRow.webidl 378 Bytes
PrecompiledScript.webidl Represents a pre-compiled JS script, which can be repeatedly executed in * different globals withou 1.1 kB
PromiseDebugging.webidl This is a utility namespace for promise-debugging functionality 3.6 kB
StructuredCloneHolder.webidl A holder for structured-clonable data which can itself be cloned with * little overhead, and deseri 980 Bytes
WebExtensionContentScript.webidl Describes the earliest point in the load cycle at which a script should * run. 5.1 kB
WebExtensionPolicy.webidl Defines the platform-level policies for a WebExtension, including its * permissions and the charact 5.5 kB
moz.build 1.5 kB