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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.overlay-title2): This string will be used in the overlay title.
onboarding.overlay-title2=Let’s get started
onboarding.skip-tour-button-label=Skip Tour
#LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.button.learnMore): this string is used as a button label, displayed near the message, and shared across all the onboarding notifications.
onboarding.button.learnMore=Learn More
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.overlay-icon-tooltip2): This string will be used
# to show the tooltip alongside the notification icon in the overlay tour. %S is
# brandShortName. The tooltip is designed to show in two lines. Please use \n to
# do appropriate line breaking.
onboarding.overlay-icon-tooltip2=New to %S?\nLet’s get started.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.overlay-icon-tooltip-updated2): %S is
# brandShortName. The tooltip is designed to show in two lines. Please use \n to
# do appropriate line breaking.
onboarding.overlay-icon-tooltip-updated2=%S is all new.\nSee what you can do!
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.overlay-close-button-tooltip): The overlay close button is an icon button. This tooltip would be shown when mousing hovering on the button.
onboarding.notification-icon-tooltip-updated=See what’s new!
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification-close-button-tooltip): The notification close button is an icon button. This tooltip would be shown when mousing hovering on the button.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.complete): This string is used to describe an
# onboarding tour item that is complete.

onboarding.tour-private-browsing=Private Browsing
onboarding.tour-private-browsing.title2=Browse by yourself.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-private-browsing.description3): This string will be used in the private-browsing tour description. %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.tour-private-browsing.description3=Want to keep something to yourself? Use Private Browsing with Tracking Protection. %S will block online trackers while you browse and won’t remember your history after you’ve ended your session.
onboarding.tour-private-browsing.button=Show Private Browsing in Menu
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-private-browsing.title=Browse by yourself.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-private-browsing.message2=Want to keep something to yourself? Use Private Browsing with Tracking Protection.

onboarding.tour-addons.title2=Get more done.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-addons.description2): This string will be used in the add-on tour description. %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-addons.description2=Add-ons let you add features to %S, so your browser works harder for you. Compare prices, check the weather or express your personality with a custom theme.
onboarding.tour-addons.button=Show Add-ons in Menu
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-addons.title=Get more done.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-addons.message): This string will be used in the notification message for the add-ons tour. %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-addons.message=Add-ons are small apps you can add to %S that do lots of things — from managing to-do lists, to downloading videos, to changing the look of your browser.

onboarding.tour-customize.title2=Rearrange your toolbar.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-customize.description2): This string will be used in the customize tour description. %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-customize.description2=Put the tools you use most right at your fingertips. Drag, drop, and reorder %S’s toolbar and menu to fit your needs. Or choose a compact theme to make more room for tabbed browsing.
onboarding.tour-customize.button=Show Customize in Menu
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-customize.title=Rearrange your toolbar.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-customize.message): This string will be used in the notification message for Customize tour. %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-customize.message=Put the tools you use most right at your fingertips. Add more options to your toolbar. Or select a theme to make %S reflect your personality.

onboarding.tour-default-browser=Default Browser
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.title2): This string will be used in the default browser tour title. %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-default-browser.title2=Make %S your go-to browser.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.description2): This string will be used in the default browser tour description. %1$S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-default-browser.description2=Love %1$S? Set it as your default browser. Open a link from another application, and %1$S will be there for you.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.button): Label for a button to open the OS default browser settings where it's not possible to set the default browser directly. (OSX, Linux, Windows 8 and higher)
onboarding.tour-default-browser.button=Open Default Browser Settings
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.win7.button): Label for a button to directly set the default browser (Windows 7). %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-default-browser.win7.button=Make %S Your Default Browser
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.is-default.message): Label displayed when Firefox is already set as default browser. followed on a new line by "tour-default-browser.is-default.2nd-message".
onboarding.tour-default-browser.is-default.message=You’ve got this!
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-default-browser.is-default.2nd-message): Label displayed when Firefox is already set as default browser. %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-default-browser.is-default.2nd-message=%S is already your default browser.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.title): This string will be used in the notification title for the default browser tour. %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.title=Make %S your go-to browser.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.message): This string will be used in the notification message for the default browser tour. %1$S is brandShortName
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-default-browser.message=It doesn’t take much to get the most from %1$S. Just set %1$S as your default browser and put control, customization, and protection on autopilot.

onboarding.tour-sync.title2=Pick up where you left off.
onboarding.tour-sync.description2=Sync makes it easy to access bookmarks, passwords, and even open tabs on all your devices. Sync also gives you control of the types of information you want, and don’t want, to share.
onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.title=You’re signed in to Sync!
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.description): %1$S is brandShortName.
onboarding.tour-sync.logged-in.description=Sync works when you’re signed in to %1$S on more than one device. Have a mobile device? Install the %1$S app and sign in to get your bookmarks, history, and passwords on the go.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.form.title): This string is displayed
# as a title and followed by onboarding.tour-sync.form.description.
onboarding.tour-sync.form.title=Create a Firefox Account
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-sync.form.description): The description
# continues after onboarding.tour-sync.form.title to create a complete sentence.
# If it's not possible for your locale, you can translate this string as
# "Continue to Firefox Sync" instead.
onboarding.tour-sync.form.description=to continue to Firefox Sync
onboarding.tour-sync.connect-device.button=Connect Another Device
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-sync.title=Pick up where you left off.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-sync.message=Still sending yourself links to save or read on your phone? Do it the easy way: get Sync and have the things you save here show up on all of your devices.

onboarding.tour-library.title=Keep it together.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (onboarding.tour-library.description2): This string will be used in the library tour description. %1$S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-library.description2=Check out the new %1$S library in the redesigned toolbar. The library puts the things you’ve seen and saved to %1$S — your browsing history, bookmarks, Pocket list, and synced tabs — in one convenient place.
onboarding.tour-library.button2=Show Library Menu
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.title=Keep it together.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.message): This string will be used in the notification message for the library tour. %S is brandShortName
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-library.message=The new %S library puts the great things you’ve discovered on the web in one convenient place.

onboarding.tour-singlesearch=Address Bar
onboarding.tour-singlesearch.title=Find it faster.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-singlesearch.description): %S is brandShortName
onboarding.tour-singlesearch.description=The address bar might be the most powerful tool in the sleek new %S toolbar. Start typing, and see suggestions based on your browsing and search history. Go to a web address, search the whole web with your default search engine, or send your query directly to a single site with one-click search.
onboarding.tour-singlesearch.button=Show Address Bar
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-singlesearch.title=Find it faster.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-singlesearch.message=The unified address bar is the only tool you need to find your way around the web.

onboarding.tour-performance.title=Browse with the best of ‘em.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-performance.description): %1$S is brandShortName.
onboarding.tour-performance.description=It’s a whole new %1$S, built for faster page loading, smoother scrolling, and more responsive tab switching. These performance upgrades come paired with a modern, intuitive design. Start browsing and experience it for yourself: the best %1$S yet.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-performance.title=Browse with the best of ‘em.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-performance.message): %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-performance.message=Prepare yourself for the fastest, smoothest, most reliable %S yet.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (onboarding.tour-screenshots): "Screenshots" is the name of the Firefox Screenshots feature and should not be localized.
onboarding.tour-screenshots.title=Take better screenshots.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.tour-screenshots.description): %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.tour-screenshots.description=Take, save and share screenshots — without leaving %S. Capture a region or an entire page as you browse. Then save to the web for easy access and sharing.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (onboarding.tour-screenshots.button): "Screenshots" is the name of the Firefox Screenshots feature and should not be localized.
onboarding.tour-screenshots.button=Open Screenshots Website
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-screenshots.title=Take better screenshots.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-screenshots.message): %S is brandShortName.
onboarding.notification.onboarding-tour-screenshots.message=Take, save and share screenshots — without leaving %S.