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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
FormAutofillFrameScript.js Form Autofill frame script. 3.3 kB
editAddress.xhtml 3.4 kB
editCreditCard.xhtml 2.5 kB
editDialog.js exported EditAddress, EditCreditCard 10.2 kB
formautofill.css 2.9 kB
formautofill.xml shared 14.0 kB
formfill-anchor.svg 921 Bytes
heuristicsRegexp.js Form Autofill field Heuristics RegExp. 8.6 kB
icon-address-save.svg 877 Bytes
icon-address-update.svg 874 Bytes
icon-credit-card-generic.svg 694 Bytes
icon-credit-card.svg 765 Bytes
manageAddresses.xhtml 1.6 kB
manageCreditCards.xhtml 1.8 kB
manageDialog.css 1.4 kB
manageDialog.js exported ManageAddresses, ManageCreditCards 12.3 kB
nameReferences.js exported nameReferences 2.5 kB