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* 1.0.0
** Removed depricated rustc-serialize support
 Rustc-serialize was a stopgap until projects like Serde were able to catch up.
 With macros stabilization on its way, we are able to switch to serde without any
 big user-friendliness issues.  Major congratulations to Serde for coming this far!

** Moved Refbox, Strbox and Slicebox into a "refbox" module
 Refbox, Strbox and Slicebox are still an integral piece of bincode, but since
 they are mainly used by power-users, this move will make the crate API more organized
 and easier for new users to understand.

** Upgraded to Serde 0.9.*
 Serde 0.9.* gives us a better API surface area and allows use of procedural macros for
 deriving serialize and deserialize implemenetations.

** Moved serde functions into global module
 Since serde is the only supported serialization mechanism, it makes sense to have these
 functions available at the top level.

** Added the ability to chose your own endian encoding.
 This functionality is located in the endian_choice module.

** Changed SizeLimit to be a trait instead of an enum
 Mostly for performance reasons.

** Removed RefBox / StrBox / SliceBox
 Since rustc-serialize support was phased out, you can use `Cow<T>` with serde.