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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BackgroundPageThumbs.jsm 18.0 kB
BrowserPageThumbs.manifest 171 Bytes
PageThumbUtils.jsm Common thumbnailing routines used by various consumers, including * PageThumbs and backgroundPageTh 13.3 kB
PageThumbs.jsm Name of the directory in the profile that contains the thumbnails. 31.0 kB
PageThumbsProtocol.js PageThumbsProtocol.js * * This file implements the moz-page-thumb:// protocol and the correspondin 4.4 kB
PageThumbsWorker.js A worker dedicated for the I/O component of PageThumbs storage. * * Do not rely on the API of this 4.6 kB
jar.mn 302 Bytes
moz.build 637 Bytes