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AddonWatcher.jsm Don't notify observers of slow add-ons if at least `SUSPICIOUSLY_MANY_ADDONS` * show up at the same 10.0 kB
PerformanceStats-content.js A proxy implementing communication between the PerformanceStats.jsm modules * of the parent and chi 5.0 kB
PerformanceStats.jsm API for querying and examining performance data. * * This API exposes data from several probes imp 29.4 kB
PerformanceWatcher-content.js An API for being informed of slow add-ons and tabs * (content process scripts). 1.7 kB
PerformanceWatcher.jsm An API for being informed of slow add-ons and tabs. * * Generally, this API is both more CPU-effic 13.1 kB
README.md This directory is part of the implementation of the Performance Monitoring API 8.5 kB
moz.build 779 Bytes
nsIPerformanceStats.idl -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 10.8 kB
nsPerformanceStats.cpp ------------------------------------------------------ * * Utility functions. * 45.7 kB
nsPerformanceStats.h A data structure for registering observers interested in * performance alerts. * * Each performan 24.5 kB