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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 15.5 kB
Extension.jsm specific state in 27.0 kB
ExtensionAPI.jsm exported ExtensionAPIs 2.0 kB
ExtensionChild.jsm This file handles addon logic that is independent of the chrome process. * When addons run out-of-p 33.7 kB
ExtensionCommon.jsm This module contains utilities and base classes for logic which is * common between the parent and 20.4 kB
ExtensionContent.jsm globals ExtensionContent 34.7 kB
ExtensionManagement.jsm This file should be kept short and simple since it's loaded even * when no extensions are running. 11.0 kB
ExtensionParent.jsm This module contains code for managing APIs that need to run in the * parent process, and handles t 17.0 kB
ExtensionStorage.jsm 6.8 kB
ExtensionStorageSync.jsm exported extensionIdToCollectionId 30.3 kB
ExtensionTestCommon.jsm MockExtension 10.5 kB
ExtensionUtils.jsm 36.5 kB
ExtensionXPCShellUtils.jsm exported ExtensionTestUtils 8.3 kB
LegacyExtensionsUtils.jsm LegacyExtensionContext 8.6 kB
MessageChannel.jsm 27.2 kB
NativeMessaging.jsm globals NativeApp 15.8 kB
Schemas.jsm URL 64.7 kB
ext-alarms.js 4.0 kB
ext-backgroundPage.js 5.3 kB
ext-browser-content.js globals addMessageListener, content, docShell, sendAsyncMessage 7.3 kB
ext-c-backgroundPage.js 1.3 kB
ext-c-extension.js 1.5 kB
ext-c-runtime.js 3.2 kB
ext-c-storage.js 2.2 kB
ext-c-test.js Checks whether the given error matches the given expectations. * * @param {*} error * The 4.7 kB
ext-cookies.js 15.7 kB
ext-downloads.js 26.2 kB
ext-extension.js 366 Bytes
ext-i18n.js 911 Bytes
ext-idle.js 3.0 kB
ext-management.js addon 4.2 kB
ext-notifications.js 4.8 kB
ext-runtime.js 4.2 kB
ext-storage.js 2.2 kB
ext-topSites.js -*- Mode: indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 789 Bytes
ext-webNavigation.js 6.5 kB
ext-webRequest.js 4.0 kB
extensions-toolkit.manifest 3.8 kB
jar.mn 1.1 kB
moz.build 1.1 kB