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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
accessibility.js the interfaces are not 12.5 kB
action.js Implements WebDriver Actions API: a low-level interface for providing * virtualised device input to 38.2 kB
addon.js Install a Firefox addon. * * If the addon is restartless, it can be used right away. Otherwise a 2.9 kB
assert.js Shorthands for common assertions made in Marionette. 8.1 kB
atom.js 94.3 kB
browser.js Get the <xul:browser> for the specified tab. * * @param {<xul:tab>} tab * The tab whose brows 12.0 kB
capture.js 5.4 kB
cert.js TLS certificate service override management for Marionette. 4.3 kB
cookies.js Interface for manipulating cookies from content space. 3.7 kB
dispatcher.js Manages a Marionette connection, and dispatches packets received to * their correct destinations. 6.5 kB
driver.js 92.7 kB
element.js 6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf 32.7 kB
error.js false otherwise 12.2 kB
evaluate.js 14.4 kB
event.js 40.2 kB
frame.js An object representing a frame that Marionette has loaded a * frame script in. 10.2 kB
interaction.js XUL elements that support disabled attribute. 11.9 kB
jar.mn 1.6 kB
l10n.js An API which allows Marionette to handle localized content. * * The localization (https://mzl.la/2 3.0 kB
legacyaction.js Functionality for (single finger) action chains. 13.8 kB
listener.js 61.2 kB
logging.js Simple logger that is used in Simple Test harness tests. 1.7 kB
mach_commands.py Must have Firefox build or Android build. 2.5 kB
mach_test_package_commands.py 2.1 kB
marionette.eslintrc.js 180 Bytes
message.js Converts a data packet into a Command or Response type. * * @param {Array.<number, number, ?, ?>} 7.5 kB
modal.js dialog-loaded 2.9 kB
moz.build 529 Bytes
navigate.js Determines if we expect to get a DOM load event (DOMContentLoaded) * on navigating to the |future| 3.7 kB
proxy.js Creates a transparent interface between the chrome- and content * contexts. * * Calls to this obj 11.2 kB
server.js socket 4.4 kB
session.js State associated with a WebDriver session. 13.1 kB
simpletest.js The simpletest harness, exposed in the script evaluation sandbox. 6.1 kB
test_action.js 20.2 kB
test_assert.js 3.3 kB
test_element.js 1.9 kB
test_error.js 12.8 kB
test_message.js 4.8 kB
test_navigate.js 3.1 kB
test_session.js 11.1 kB
unit.ini 407 Bytes