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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
attributes.py Determine whether the given set of task attributes matches. The conditions are given as keyword 1.1 kB
docker.py Generates a sha256 hash for context directory used to build an image. 5.5 kB
python_path.py Find a Python object given a path of the form <modulepath>:<objectpath>. Conceptually equivalent 916 Bytes
seta.py Interface to the SETA service, which defines low-value tasks that can be optimized out of the ta 3.6 kB
templates.py Merge dict and arrays (override scalar values) Keys from source override keys from dest, and el 4.7 kB
time.py 3.3 kB
treeherder.py Split a symbol expressed as grp(sym) into its two parts. If no group is given, the returned gro 877 Bytes
yaml.py Convenience function to load a YAML file in the given path. This is useful for loading kind con 576 Bytes