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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 2.3 kB
SSLerrs.h SSL-specific security error codes 21.4 kB
authcert.c This callback used by SSL to pull client sertificate upon * server request 3.0 kB
cmpcert.c Look to see if any of the signers in the cert chain for "cert" are found * in the list of caNames. 2.7 kB
config.mk 1.5 kB
dhe-param.c 20.7 kB
dtlscon.c DTLS Protocol 39.9 kB
exports.gyp 648 Bytes
manifest.mn 1.2 kB
notes.txt 3.5 kB
os2_err.c Based on win32err.c * OS2TODO Stub everything for now to build. HCT 7.4 kB
os2_err.h NSPR doesn't make these functions public, so we have to duplicate ** them in NSS. 2.7 kB
preenc.h Fortezza support is removed. * This file remains so that old programs will continue to compile, * 3.8 kB
prelib.c 937 Bytes
ssl.def 5.0 kB
ssl.gyp 2.2 kB
ssl.h returning a new socket 63.2 kB
ssl.rc 1.9 kB
ssl3con.c TODO(ekr): Implement HelloVerifyRequest on server side. OK for now. 471.7 kB
ssl3ecc.c ECC code moved here from ssl3con.c 32.0 kB
ssl3ext.c TLS extension code moved here from ssl3ecc.c 19.7 kB
ssl3ext.h registerable callback function that either appends extension to buffer * or returns length of data 6.9 kB
ssl3exthandle.c Write bytes. Using this function means the SECItem structure * cannot be freed. The caller is exp 87.1 kB
ssl3exthandle.h 6.5 kB
ssl3gthr.c Caller should hold RecvBufLock. 20.6 kB
ssl3prot.h version numbers are defined in sslproto.h 7.9 kB
sslauth.c NEED LOCKS IN HERE. 7.7 kB
sslcert.c 31.0 kB
sslcert.h The following struct identifies a single slot into which a certificate can be ** loaded. The authTy 2.3 kB
sslcon.c Put a string tag in the library so that we can examine an executable ** and see what kind of securit 7.4 kB
ssldef.c 5.7 kB
sslenum.c The ordering of cipher suites in this table must match the ordering in * the cipherSuites table in 6.1 kB
sslerr.c look at the current value of PR_GetError, and evaluate it to see * if it is meaningful or meaningle 1.2 kB
sslerr.h clang-format off 13.7 kB
sslerrstrs.c 880 Bytes
sslgrp.c Function to clear out the ECDHE keys. 5.1 kB
sslimpl.h to make some of these old enums public without namespace pollution, ** it was necessary to prepend s 71.6 kB
sslinfo.c 20.8 kB
sslinit.c 1.4 kB
sslmutex.c This ifdef should match the one in sslsnce.c 16.8 kB
sslmutex.h but they 3.3 kB
sslnonce.c sids can be in one of 4 states: * * never_cached, created, but not yet put into cache. * i 14.2 kB
sslproto.h clang-format off 14.5 kB
sslreveal.c given PRFileDesc, returns a copy of certificate associated with the socket * the caller should dele 3.1 kB
sslsecur.c Returns a SECStatus: SECSuccess or SECFailure, NOT SECWouldBlock. * * Currently, the list of funct 33.8 kB
sslsnce.c Note: ssl_FreeSID() in sslnonce.c gets used for both client and server * cache sids! * * About re 65.7 kB
sslsock.c default settings for socket enables 111.1 kB
sslt.h Key Exchange algorithm values 13.9 kB
ssltrace.c 2.8 kB
sslver.c Library identity and versioning 460 Bytes
tls13con.c 149.5 kB
tls13con.h Return PR_TRUE if the socket is in one of the given states, else return * PR_FALSE. Only call the m 4.1 kB
tls13exthandle.c 34.3 kB
tls13exthandle.h 4.5 kB
tls13hkdf.c This table contains the mapping between TLS hash identifiers and the * PKCS#11 identifiers 8.2 kB
tls13hkdf.h 1.1 kB
unix_err.c forward declarations. 19.3 kB
unix_err.h NSPR doesn't make these functions public, so we have to duplicate ** them in NSS. 2.9 kB
win32err.c On Win32, we map three kinds of error codes: * - GetLastError(): for Win32 functions * - WSAGetLas 13.7 kB
win32err.h NSPR doesn't make these functions public, so we have to duplicate ** them in NSS. 2.8 kB