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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
elfhack Elfhack is a program to optimize ELF binaries for size and cold startup
aix.exp 212 Bytes
moz.build 637 Bytes
mozconfig.asan 880 Bytes
mozconfig.gtk 1.4 kB
mozconfig.linux 1.2 kB
mozconfig.linux32 406 Bytes
mozconfig.stdcxx 695 Bytes
mozconfig.tsan 1.1 kB
mozilla.in 2.5 kB
print-failed-commands.sh 832 Bytes
print-non-newline.sh 766 Bytes
rewrite_asan_dylib.py Scans the given directories for binaries referencing the AddressSanitizer runtime library, copies it 2.3 kB
run-gprof.sh 414 Bytes
run-hiprof.sh 548 Bytes
run-mozilla.sh 8.9 kB
run-third.sh 567 Bytes