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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
pywebsocket INSTALL
Makefile.in 3.6 kB
README.txt See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Mochitest for detailed information on running and writing 112 Bytes
ShutdownLeaksCollector.jsm 1.9 kB
b2g_start_script.js 6.5 kB
bisection.py 11.6 kB
browser-harness.xul 11.1 kB
browser-test-overlay.xul 702 Bytes
browser-test.js 42.6 kB
chrome-harness.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 8.6 kB
chunkifyTests.js 882 Bytes
gen_template.pl b 345876 -type xul 1.4 kB
harness.xul 4.2 kB
install.rdf manifest 725 Bytes
jar.mn 3.1 kB
jetpack-addon-harness.js 7.9 kB
jetpack-addon-overlay.xul 881 Bytes
jetpack-package-harness.js 8.0 kB
jetpack-package-overlay.xul 883 Bytes
leaks.py Parses the mochitest run log when running a debug build, assigns all leaked DOM windows (that ar 9.1 kB
mach_commands.py .lstrip() SUPPORTED_TESTS_NOT_FOUND = 23.2 kB
mach_test_package_commands.py 1.1 kB
manifest.webapp 1.0 kB
manifestLibrary.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 4.7 kB
mochitest-e10s-utils.js 438 Bytes
mochitest_options.py 45.7 kB
moz.build 3.4 kB
nested_setup.js 694 Bytes
pywebsocket_wrapper.py A wrapper around pywebsocket's standalone.py which causes it to ignore SIGINT. 877 Bytes
redirect.html redirecting... 999 Bytes
runrobocop.py A test harness for Robocop. Robocop tests are UI tests for Firefox for Android, based on the 23.4 kB
runtests.py Runs the Mochitest test harness. 99.3 kB
runtestsb2g.py Mochitest class for b2g emulators and devices. 16.2 kB
runtestsremote.py 13.8 kB
server.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 23.0 kB
shutdown-leaks-collector.js 385 Bytes