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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ChromeUtils.js ChromeUtils.js is a set of mochitest utilities that are used to * synthesize events in the browser 10.5 kB
EventUtils.js EventUtils provides some utility methods for creating and sending DOM events. * Current methods: * 22.9 kB
actions.js Functionality for (single finger) action chains. 14.3 kB
capture.js 3.9 kB
common.js Creates an error message for a JavaScript exception thrown during * execute_(async_)script. * * T 2.7 kB
cookies.js Interface for manipulating cookies from content space. 3.7 kB
dispatcher.js Manages a Marionette connection, and dispatches packets received to * their correct destinations. 7.1 kB
driver.js 103.3 kB
elements.js The ElementManager manages DOM references and interactions with elements. * According to the WebDri 24.7 kB
emulator.js Represents the connection between Marionette and the emulator it's * running on. * * When injecte 3.4 kB
error.js false otherwise 8.6 kB
frame-manager.js An object representing a frame that Marionette has loaded a * frame script in. 10.6 kB
jar.mn 2.1 kB
listener.js 67.4 kB
mach_commands.py The %s command requires a Marionette-enabled build. Please create an engineering build, which has M 4.0 kB
message.js Converts a data packet into a Command or Response type. * * @param {Array.<number, number, ?, ?>} 7.6 kB
modal.js dialog-loaded 2.9 kB
moz.build 369 Bytes
proxy.js Creates a transparent interface between the chrome- and content * contexts. * * Calls to this obj 6.6 kB
sendkeys.js 4.6 kB
server.js socket 4.8 kB
simpletest.js The Marionette object, passed to the script context. 6.5 kB