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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Credentials.jsm This module implements client-side key stretching for use in Firefox * Accounts account creation an 4.5 kB
FxAccounts.jsm 49.1 kB
FxAccountsClient.jsm 15.7 kB
FxAccountsCommon.js 19.3 kB
FxAccountsManager.jsm cache cleared 22.3 kB
FxAccountsOAuthClient.jsm Firefox Accounts OAuth browser login helper. * Uses the WebChannel component to receive OAuth messa 9.0 kB
FxAccountsOAuthGrantClient.jsm Firefox Accounts OAuth Grant Client allows clients to obtain * an OAuth token from a BrowserID asse 6.8 kB
FxAccountsProfile.jsm Firefox Accounts Profile helper. * * This class abstracts interaction with the profile server for 6.0 kB
FxAccountsProfileClient.jsm Initialized 8.1 kB
FxAccountsStorage.jsm 23.7 kB
FxAccountsWebChannel.jsm Firefox Accounts Web Channel. * * Uses the WebChannel component to receive messages * about accou 12.5 kB
moz.build 911 Bytes