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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AndroidMediaDecoder.cpp 810 Bytes
AndroidMediaDecoder.h public MediaDecoder 938 Bytes
AndroidMediaPluginHost.cpp 9.8 kB
AndroidMediaPluginHost.h 1.4 kB
AndroidMediaReader.cpp 15.3 kB
AndroidMediaReader.h public MediaDecoderReader 2.2 kB
AndroidMediaResourceServer.cpp ReadCRLF is a variant of NS_ReadLine from nsReadLine.h that deals with the carriage return/line fe 16.5 kB
AndroidMediaResourceServer.h public nsRunnable 3.8 kB
MPAPI.h A callback for the plugin to use to request a buffer owned by gecko. This can * save us a copy or t 4.3 kB
moz.build 752 Bytes