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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ContentRestore.jsm This module implements the content side of session restoration. The chrome * side is handled by Ses 16.3 kB
DocShellCapabilities.jsm The external API exported by this module. 1.5 kB
FrameTree.jsm A FrameTree represents all frames that were reachable when the document * was loaded. We use this i 8.0 kB
GlobalState.jsm Module that contains global session data. 1.9 kB
PageStyle.jsm style 2.9 kB
PrivacyFilter.jsm Returns whether the current privacy level allows saving data for the given * |url|. * * @param ur 4.6 kB
PrivacyLevel.jsm The external API as exposed by this module. 1.7 kB
RecentlyClosedTabsAndWindowsMenuUtils.jsm 7.9 kB
RunState.jsm This module keeps track of SessionStore's current run state. We will * always start out at STATE_ST 3.5 kB
SessionCookies.jsm The external API implemented by the SessionCookies module. 13.4 kB
SessionFile.jsm Implementation of all the disk I/O required by the session store. * This is a private API, meant to 14.4 kB
SessionHistory.jsm 14.2 kB
SessionMigration.jsm 3.3 kB
SessionSaver.jsm 7.9 kB
SessionStorage.jsm 5.6 kB
SessionStore.jsm single-window-restored 154.9 kB
SessionWorker.js A worker dedicated to handle I/O for Session Store. 11.7 kB
SessionWorker.jsm Interface to a dedicated thread handling I/O 859 Bytes
StartupPerformance.jsm 7.7 kB
TabAttributes.jsm 1.9 kB
TabState.jsm Module that contains tab state collection methods. 7.7 kB
TabStateCache.jsm A cache for tabs data. * * This cache implements a weak map from tabs (as XUL elements) * to tab 2.6 kB
TabStateFlusher.jsm A module that enables async flushes. Updates from frame scripts are * throttled to be sent only onc 6.4 kB
Utils.jsm 1.7 kB
jar.mn 490 Bytes
moz.build 1.4 kB
nsISessionStartup.idl nsISupports 2.5 kB
nsISessionStore.idl nsISupports 7.5 kB
nsSessionStartup.js Session Storage and Restoration * * Overview * This service reads user's session file at startup, 12.9 kB
nsSessionStore.js Session Storage and Restoration * * Overview * This service keeps track of a user's session, stor 1.5 kB
nsSessionStore.manifest 1.4 kB