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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h 669 Bytes
AccessibleWrap.h public Accessible 3.1 kB
AccessibleWrap.mm 7.9 kB
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h 618 Bytes
DocAccessibleWrap.h public DocAccessible 701 Bytes
DocAccessibleWrap.mm 613 Bytes
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h 760 Bytes
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h 569 Bytes
ImageAccessibleWrap.h 594 Bytes
MacUtils.h Get a localized string from the string bundle. * Return nil if not found. 617 Bytes
MacUtils.mm Get a localized string from the a11y string bundle. * Return nil if not found. 743 Bytes
Platform.mm 3.3 kB
RootAccessibleWrap.h public RootAccessible 1.0 kB
RootAccessibleWrap.mm 1.4 kB
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h 563 Bytes
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h 636 Bytes
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 566 Bytes
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h 649 Bytes
moz.build 1.0 kB
mozAccessible.h NSObject 5.0 kB
mozAccessible.mm 40.5 kB
mozAccessibleProtocol.h This protocol's primary use is so widget/cocoa can talk back to us properly. ChildView owns t 2.1 kB
mozActionElements.h Simple subclasses for things like checkboxes, buttons, etc. 875 Bytes
mozActionElements.mm 9.1 kB
mozDocAccessible.h The root accessible. There is one per window. Created by the RootAccessibleWrap. 1.1 kB
mozDocAccessible.mm 2.8 kB
mozHTMLAccessible.h 474 Bytes
mozHTMLAccessible.mm 3.2 kB
mozTableAccessible.h mozTablePartAccessible 980 Bytes
mozTableAccessible.mm 8.5 kB
mozTextAccessible.h mozAccessible 379 Bytes
mozTextAccessible.mm 17.8 kB