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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ChangeAttributeTxn.cpp EditTxn 2.7 kB
ChangeAttributeTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
ChangeStyleTxn.cpp EditTxn 9.4 kB
ChangeStyleTxn.h public EditTxn 4.0 kB
CreateElementTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.8 kB
CreateElementTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
DeleteNodeTxn.cpp EditTxn 2.9 kB
DeleteNodeTxn.h public EditTxn 1.4 kB
DeleteRangeTxn.cpp EditAggregateTxn 6.6 kB
DeleteRangeTxn.h public EditAggregateTxn 2.0 kB
DeleteTextTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.0 kB
DeleteTextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
EditActionListener.h 465 Bytes
EditAggregateTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.5 kB
EditAggregateTxn.h public EditTxn 1.3 kB
EditTxn.cpp LastRelease 1.3 kB
EditTxn.h public nsITransaction 1.2 kB
IMETextTxn.cpp EditTxn 9.8 kB
IMETextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.3 kB
InsertNodeTxn.cpp EditTxn 2.8 kB
InsertNodeTxn.h public EditTxn 1.5 kB
InsertTextTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.3 kB
InsertTextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.4 kB
JoinNodeTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.3 kB
JoinNodeTxn.h public EditTxn 2.1 kB
PlaceholderTxn.cpp 8.0 kB
PlaceholderTxn.h public EditAggregateTxn 2.9 kB
SetDocTitleTxn.cpp 5.7 kB
SetDocTitleTxn.h public EditTxn 1.6 kB
SplitNodeTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.9 kB
SplitNodeTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
TextEditorTest.cpp 8.9 kB
TextEditorTest.h 917 Bytes
TypeInState.cpp mLastSelectionContainer 10.2 kB
TypeInState.h public nsISelectionListener 3.1 kB
moz.build 1.9 kB
nsEditRules.h base for an object to encapsulate any additional info needed to be passed * to rules system by the 2.1 kB
nsEditor.cpp 148.7 kB
nsEditor.h 33.2 kB
nsEditorCommands.cpp 31.3 kB
nsEditorCommands.h 2.9 kB
nsEditorController.cpp 7.4 kB
nsEditorController.h 1.1 kB
nsEditorEventListener.cpp 38.8 kB
nsEditorEventListener.h public nsIDOMEventListener 2.9 kB
nsEditorUtils.cpp nsAutoSelectionReset **************************************************************************** 6.6 kB
nsEditorUtils.h stack based helper class for batching a collection of txns inside a * placeholder txn. 6.9 kB
nsHTMLAbsPosition.cpp 22.3 kB
nsHTMLAnonymousUtils.cpp 16.5 kB
nsHTMLCSSUtils.cpp 50.8 kB
nsHTMLCSSUtils.h 19.7 kB
nsHTMLDataTransfer.cpp 82.0 kB
nsHTMLEditRules.cpp 331.9 kB
nsHTMLEditRules.h 18.2 kB
nsHTMLEditUtils.cpp 30.2 kB
nsHTMLEditUtils.h 2.6 kB
nsHTMLEditor.cpp 169.3 kB
nsHTMLEditor.h 44.5 kB
nsHTMLEditorEventListener.cpp nsHTMLEditorEventListener implementation * 6.9 kB
nsHTMLEditorEventListener.h public nsEditorEventListener 1.1 kB
nsHTMLEditorStyle.cpp 67.7 kB
nsHTMLInlineTableEditor.cpp 9.1 kB
nsHTMLObjectResizer.cpp 35.7 kB
nsHTMLObjectResizer.h interfaces for addref and release and queryinterface 2.5 kB
nsHTMLURIRefObject.cpp Here is the list, from beppe and glazman: href >> A, AREA, BASE, LINK src >> FRAME, IFRAME, 7.1 kB
nsHTMLURIRefObject.h 1.2 kB
nsIAbsorbingTransaction.h public nsISupports 1.5 kB
nsInternetCiter.cpp Mail citations using the Internet style: > This is a citation 11.7 kB
nsInternetCiter.h Mail citations using standard Internet style. 1.1 kB
nsPlaintextDataTransfer.cpp 14.9 kB
nsPlaintextEditor.cpp 50.0 kB
nsPlaintextEditor.h public nsEditor 8.9 kB
nsSelectionState.cpp class for recording selection info. stores selection as collection of * { {startnode, startoffset} 17.6 kB
nsSelectionState.h class for recording selection info. stores selection as collection of * { {startnode, startoffset} 9.8 kB
nsStyleSheetTxns.cpp 3.6 kB
nsStyleSheetTxns.h 2.1 kB
nsTableEditor.cpp stack based helper class for restoring selection after table edit 112.7 kB
nsTextEditRules.cpp Constructor/Destructor ******************************************************* 41.6 kB
nsTextEditRules.h public nsIEditRules 12.8 kB
nsTextEditRulesBidi.cpp 2.6 kB
nsTextEditUtils.cpp 3.1 kB
nsTextEditUtils.h stack based helper class for detecting end of editor initialization, in * order to trigger "end of 1.3 kB
nsWSRunObject.cpp 66.0 kB
nsWSRunObject.h A type-safe bitfield indicating various types of whitespace or other things. * Used as a member var 16.6 kB