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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
listmanager.js A ListManager keeps track of black and white lists and knows * how to update them. * * @construct 15.3 kB
multi-querier.js This class helps us batch a series of async calls to the db. * If any of the tokens is in the datab 3.8 kB
request-backoff.js @param maxErrors Number of times to request before backing off. * @param retryIncrement Time (ms) f 3.8 kB
trtable.js Abstract base class for a lookup table. * @construction 5.1 kB
wireformat.js A class that knows how to serialize and deserialize meta-information. * This meta information is th 7.5 kB
xml-fetcher.js Because we might be in a component, we can't just assume that * XMLHttpRequest exists. So we use th 4.0 kB