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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
pywebsocket Install this package by:
Makefile.in 5.8 kB
README.txt See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Mochitest for detailed information on running and writing 112 Bytes
android.json 67 Bytes
android23.json 730 Bytes
androidx86.json 8.0 kB
b2g_start_script.js 5.7 kB
browser-harness.xul 9.5 kB
browser-test-overlay.xul 791 Bytes
browser-test.js 35.1 kB
cc-analyzer.js 3.1 kB
chrome-harness.js getChromeURI converts a URL to a URI * * url: string of a URL (http://mochi.test/test.html) * re 14.7 kB
chunkifyTests.js 2.9 kB
gen_template.pl b 345876 -type xul 1.1 kB
gl.json 73 Bytes
harness.xul 4.0 kB
install.rdf manifest 725 Bytes
jar.mn 2.2 kB
mach_commands.py .lstrip() GAIA_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND = 27.3 kB
manifest.webapp 981 Bytes
manifestLibrary.js 4.3 kB
mochitest-e10s-utils-content.js 722 Bytes
mochitest-e10s-utils.js content 3.4 kB
mochitest_options.py Usage instructions for runtests.py. All arguments are optional. If --chrome is specified, ch 28.9 kB
moz.build 763 Bytes
pywebsocket_wrapper.py A wrapper around pywebsocket's standalone.py which causes it to ignore SIGINT. 877 Bytes
redirect.html redirecting... 641 Bytes
runtests.py Runs the Mochitest test harness. 58.3 kB
runtestsb2g.py 13.8 kB
runtestsremote.py 31.9 kB
runtestsvmware.py 14.9 kB
server.js Below, we'll use makeTagFunc to create a function for each of the * strings in 'tags'. This will al 20.6 kB